Willtek 4910 RF Shield Box

Willtek 4910 RF Shield Box
Manufacturer: Willtek
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Willtek 4910 RF Shield Box


Willtek 4910 RF Shield Box

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   Retailers and service centers can increase their return on investment quickly by improving accuracy of on-site mobile phone testing.  The Willtek 4910 RF Shield Box supports rapid, accurate testing of mobiles without impacts of base stations or adjacent mobiles. Trouble free mobiles can then be returned to the customer in a matter of minutes, decreasing the number of phones that may be sent back to the manufacturer for further analysis. The RF Shield Box's opening angle of nearly 90 degrees, along with two handles, is easy to open and close and allows quick access to the phone. Special RF absorbers inside reduce signal reflection and standing waves, minimizing impact to the final measurements.


  • Fits all mobile phone types and models
  • High isolation towards the environment and low reflection inside the box
  • Replaceable, customizable rear panel
  • Matching perfectly to our 4916 Antenna Coupler
  • Audio Option enables testing of speaker, microphone, ringer and vibrator
  • Antenna Coupler is installed