Willtek 4107 Mobile Fault Finder

Willtek 4107 Mobile Fault Finder
Manufacturer: Willtek
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Willtek 4107 Mobile Fault Finder


Willtek 4107 Mobile Fault Finder

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Increase Efficiency of Point-of-Return Testing

   Up to half of the mobile phones returned for problems are not really defective but have simple problems that can be fixed on-site.  The Willtek 4107 Series can put an end to unnecessary returns, and within one minute you can determine if the mobile is really defective.  Different models are available to meet individual needs, and the multiple language user interface is available in English, German, French and Italian. The Willtek 4107 Mobile Fault Finder Series is an easy-to-use, compact solution for mobile phone testing.  The Willtek 4107 is the most cost-effective test solution for service centers and repair shops testing any GSM mobile phone.  The 4100 can easily identify faulty and no-fault-found (NFF) mobiles in just a few seconds -- and it-s so easy to use that non-experts can easily come to a simple PASS/FAIL decision.


  • Supports Dual and triple-band mobile phones on 900/1800 MHz, 900/1900 MHz, 900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Designed for different user types: the 4107 for repair shops and the 4107S for service centers
  • Delivers intuitive operation and Autotest features to minimize training requirements
  • Allows remote operation and management (4107S) via a standard PC (e.g. Phone Checker software)