Tescom TC-2000A Universal Pager Tester

Tescom TC-2000A Universal Pager Tester
Manufacturer: Tescom
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Tescom TC-2000A Universal Pager Tester


Tescom TC-2000A Universal Pager Tester

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  The Tescom TC-2000A is the defacto industry standard for base station simulation.  It combines all of the test features required for pager testing within a single unit. Designed for R & D, manufacturing, QA and pager maintenance applications, the instrument is lightweight, portable and may be operated from all standard AC supplies. This future ready, multi-function, 2G (second generation) pager test platform supports ReFLEX 25, ReFLEX 50, InFLEXion, FLEX, ERMES, and POCSAG protocols. In addition to complete pager testing applications, TC-2000A is a limited but general-purpose communication analyzer featuring precision RF signal source and narrow band receiver for testing various analog and digital transceivers up to 1 GHz. 


  • Support key paging protocols: ReFLEX 25/50, InFLEXion, FLEX, ERMES, and POCSAG.
  • Drift-free digital IQ modulation and demodulation for narrowband transceiver testing
  • Frequency, power, simple spectrum and modulation domain measurement
  • Large LCD screen, menu driven, scenario based testing
  • Flash ROM for easy upgrade through RS-232C
  • High speed RS-232C interface for remote operation and automation
  • 1.5 volt, 150mA utility DC supply for powering pager
  • Store and recall up to 9 test settings


  • Pager Manufacturing: One way and 2-way pager production test
  • IQC, OQC: Pager qualification test by QA
  • Product Development: One way and 2-way pagers
  • Network Operators: OEM pager inter-operability test and network sniffing
  • Pager Service: General tool for test and repair
  • General purpose RF tool: Signal source and analyzer for full duplex transceiver testing


Main RF Output

  • Frequency Range: 130 to 960 MHz
  • Resolution: 5 KHz or 6.25 KHz. Tunable to 10Hz resolution with reduced spurious specification
  • Display: 10-digit
  • Stability: Same as reference oscillator accuracy

 Output Level

  • Range: -120.0 to ¿20.0 dBm in 0.1 dB steps 
  • Resolution: 0.1 dB Display: 4-digit Accuracy: +/- 1 dB 
  • Impedance: 50 ohm 
  • Auxiliary IF Output Frequency Range: 100 KHz to 50 MHz 
  • Resolution: 5 KHz or 6.25 KHz. 
  • Tunable to 10Hz resolution with reduced spurious specification Output Level: Fixed, ¿15 dBm, 
  • Nominal Output Impedance: 50 ohm 
  • Spectral Purity (RF and IF Output) Residual FM: Less than 30Hz 
  • RMS @ 300~3000Hz 
  • Harmonics: -30 dBc typical 
  • Non-harmonic Spurious: LO; less than 40 dBc typical. 
  • Others; less than 35 dBc typical