Tektronix/Inet Spectra SS7 with options

Tektronix/Inet Spectra SS7 with options
Manufacturer: Inet
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Inet Spectra with options


Inet Spectra with options

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with options

  • 4 DLP C Links
  • Spectra 3.04.00
  • T7 Boot
  • T7SS7
  • T7ISDN
  • T7X25
  • T7T1 Boot
  • T7T1 Main
  • SEABT36
  • SEAMN36

   US Instruments is one of the very few dealers in used INET Spectra products. Options can be changed or upgraded by paying a ownership transfer fee to INET. Move quickly as these do not last at these prices. Always looking to buy used INET products.

Powerful and Easy to Use

   Spectra is a multi-protocol analyzer with the revolutionary ability to handle the complexity of your network and bring all your data together. Targeted to the needs of advanced SS7, SIGTRAN, PCS, GSM, GPRS, IS-41 and ISDN networks and labs, the Spectra brings diverse protocols into a common environment for efficient, integrated troubleshooting, deployment and development. Conformance Test Suites ensure network compliance with national and international signaling standards.

  • Monitor and Test SS7 and ISDN signaling networks
  • Conformance testing for: Sigtran, HSL, ISUP, GSM, TCAP, Conformance, Validation and Regression Testing (CVR)
  • Network Element Emulation SSP, STP, HLR, VLR, SG, ASP
  • Complete Support for Standard Protocols and Signaling Interfaces
  • One box for all your testing needs
  • PCI processing cards for increased link and traffic capacity
  • Scalable architecture for multi-protocol analysis
  • Over 2,400 PSTN protocol conformance test cases
  • Reduce lab equipment cost with network element simulation (STPs, SCPs, HLRs)
  • Industry leadership in SS7 conformance testing
  • More than 150 SS7 and ISDN-based protocols for monitoring, testing, and generation
  • Market leader in High-Speed Link testing
  • Spectra's core monitor, test, and generation features deliver a complete Sigtran testing solution
  • Features to test the core network WIN and IN features of GSM, GPRS, UMTS, IS-41, and CDMA 2000 networks