Tektronix/Frontline BPA105 Bluetooth Analyzer

Tektronix/Frontline BPA105 Bluetooth Analyzer
Manufacturer: Frontline/Tektronix
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Tektronix/Frontline  BPA105 Bluetooth Analyzer


Tektronix/Frontline  BPA105 Bluetooth Analyzer

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Superior Solutions for Bluetooth Protocol Analysis and Debug

   Developers of Bluetooth enabled devices are faced with unique challenges when integrating hardware and application software. The end device must be thoroughly tested for correct operation within a wide range of piconet/scatternet configurations and interoperability with other devices is critical. Since Bluetooth is a wireless interface between devices, it is necessary to have a test tool that can non-intrusively and independently intercept the baseband traffic and log, decode and analyze the packet data being transmitted and received. The Tektronix Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer BPA100 was designed to meet these demanding and critical needs. It is capable of logging, decoding and displaying all baseband packets that are transmitted within a Bluetooth piconet. In addition it can isolate, decode and display higher-level protocol layers such as LMP, L2CAP, RFCOMM, OBEX, HDLC, PPP, TCS and SDP including service attributes. There are two main modes of operations: Independent Mode and Piconet Mode. In Independent Mode, the protocol analyzer passively monitors the piconet while in Piconet Mode it actively participates as either a master or slave.

  • Bluetooth 1.1 Compliant Product Based on Proven Technology Provides Reliable Analysis/Debug
  • Operation in Either Independent (Sniffer) or Piconet (Master/Slave) Modes Allows the Developer Maximum Test and Debug Flexibility
  • Data Packet Error Generation Enables the User to Introduce Errors into Packets and Stress Test the Design
  • Direct Control of BPA100 with the HCI Terminal Application using HCI Commands Directly or through Scripting
  • Data Decryption in Piconet Mode and Independent Mode Enables User to Test for Proper Security Setup and Authentication
  • Track Test Mode Hopping Sequence While Monitoring in Independent Mode
  • Advanced Triggering and Filtering Allows User to Capture, Log and Display Only Events or Transactions of Interest
  • Free Run Analyzer Display Allows User to Continuously Monitor Latest Session Transactions with Real-time Screen Updates
  • Direct Logging to PC Hard Drive Provides Maximum Log History File Size, Allowing for Long-term Monitoring of Packet Traffic
  • Captures and Logs All Baseband Packets Transmitted within a Bluetooth Piconet Including Re-transmitted Packets for Full Session Transaction Audits
  • Isolates, Decodes and Displays Baseband, LMP, L2CAP, RFCOMM, OBEX, HDLC, PPP, TCS and SDP Commands Including Services Attributes, Events and Data Packets for Effective Visibility into Higher Protocol Layers
  • User Control is Enhanced by Support of Data Whitening and Other Low-level Acquisition Parameters
  • Ability to Follow the Master/Slave Switch Between Two Devices
  • Capture the Paging Sequence Between Two Devices in Independent Mode


  • Debug of Problems Related to New Application Software Integration
  • Acts as a Known Reference and Debug/Test Device When Bringing Up New Baseband/Radio Module
  • Interoperability Testing
  • Consistency in Testing Using the HCI Terminal Application with Scripting Capability