Tektronix WFM-601M Serial Component Measurement Set

Tektronix WFM-601M Serial Component Measurement Set
Manufacturer: Tektronix
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Tektronix WFM-601M Serial Component Measurement Set


Tektronix WFM-601M Serial Component Measurement Set

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   The Tektronix WFM601M is a measurement quality serial component monitor with all features of the WFM601E. The WFM601M features additional digital analysis capabilities important to those involved in the design, installation and maintenance of 270 MB component digital systems.

  • All video features of the WFM601E
  • Logic analyzer data word listing for detailed pixel analysis
  • Field/Line/Word cursors on waveform and picture monitor with data value display
  • Jitter demodulator with numeric jitter readout and video correlated jitter waveform display
  • Calibrated component analog signal outputs
  • Recovered clock output to reference external test equipment

   The logic analyzer data word listing allows evaluation of signals to determine conformance to standards. The Cb-Y-Cr-Y' multiplex is clearly delineated providing a comprehensive look at data which makes up the serial digital signal. Field/Line/Word cursors on the waveform and external picture monitor give intuitive operator access to the data values and a clear presentation of equivalent analog voltage levels. A new jitter demodulator with numeric jitter readout provides a documentable value along with a new display relating jitter to time in the video field or line. A jitter demodulator output is included for further analysis using an audio frequency spectrum analyzer, TDS Series oscilloscope or VM700T Option 40.

   Measurement grade component analog signal outputs offer a precision video source for measurement of the analog signal represented by the data channel. The WFM601M's analog outputs accurately represent the data signal in terms of amplitude, frequency response and inter-channel timing. When combined with a VM700T Option 30, the WFM601M allows comprehensive evaluation of a component video signal from analog to data to analog. Equipment and system designers will appreciate the WFM601M's recovered clock output. This signal provides a reference clock, AFC'd using known time constants, to external test equipment.

   The WFM601M adds comprehensive data analysis features for the design, installation, and maintenance of digital equipment and systems. Data jitter, signal level and word value displays provide the tools to maintain standardized serial component signals throughout a plant and the WFM601M's precision analog outputs allow measurement to the accuracy of the best analog measurement sets.

Serial Digital Interface
  • Format - 270 Mbps component. Complies with SMPTE 259M and CCIR656.
  • Input Type - Passive loopthrough, 75 Ω compensated.
  • Return Loss - ≥25 dB 1 to 270 MHz power on.
  • Insertion Loss - ≤1.5%.
  • Transmission Bandwidth - 50 kHz to 300 MHz ±1.0 dB.
  • Loopthrough Isolation - ≥50 dB to 300 MHz.
  • Serial Receiver Equalization Range - Proper operation with coaxial cable up to 19 dB loss at 135 MHz.
Serial Video Diagnostics
  • Video Error Detection - Active picture and full field rate resolution. Complies with SMPTE RP165. Sets error flag output through rear panel REMOTE connector.