Tektronix Wavestar Software

Tektronix Wavestar Software
Manufacturer: Tektronix
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Tektronix Wavestar Software


Tektronix Wavestar Software

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Software to Capture, Analyze, Document and Control Data

   WaveStar for Oscilloscopes is a Microsoft Windows application bringing measurement information to your Windows desktop.


   Set up communication to instruments through the WaveStar Instrument Manager. The Explorer View displays these instruments and reveals their corresponding properties. To capture measurements, select a property, click, drag and drop into an active application sheet and begin analysis.


   Use up to twelve data sheets for analysis:

Graticule Sheets

  Capture waveforms in YT or XY mode. Graphically view or edit multiple waveforms and masks on a graticule, with the same scale and position as the oscilloscope. Includes cursor measurements, horizontal and vertical gates, zoom function and annotation.

Instrument Explorer Sheet

  Move and manipulate files to and from the MS Windows desktop or other instruments, add/delete directories, format drives and more.

Stripchart Sheet

 Automatically plots multiple waveform measurements, such as rise time data, in a classic stripchart fashion. Sheet features cursor measurements, alarm control and annotation capabilities.

Tabular Sheets

  Capture, store, display and edit either waveform or data log information as a table of numbers on corresponding sheets. The Scalar Viewer Sheet displays measurements from the oscilloscope.

Measurement Sheet

 Calculate frequency, pulse width, rise/fall time, duty cycle, overshoot, peak-to-peak, amplitude, min, max, mean, cycle mean and RMS measurements.

Harmonic Analysis Sheet

  Produce power waveforms from current and voltage and calculate up to 51 harmonics.

Notes Sheet

  Prepare simple reports; capture and save instrument hard copy; save, edit and restore instrument setups.


   Quickly and simply insert information into Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel, Word or PowerPoint. Transfer Information into Microsoft Windows applications, such as MATLAB, through the MS Windows clipboard.

  • Capture Measurement Waveforms and Data Easily Without Programming
  • Create, Edit and Transfer Telecommunication Masks
  • Access, Organize, Move and Manipulate Instrument Files
  • Data Log Measurements from Single or Multiple Instruments
  • Perform Harmonic Analysis on Power Waveforms
  • Control Instrument Settings and Measurements Remotely from the PC
  • Works on Tektronix Open Windows Oscilloscopes
  • WaveStar Reader Application Included for Information Sharing
  • Telecommunications
  • Digital Design
  • Research and Development
  • Manufacturing Test
  • Service
  • Education