Tektronix TSG-170A NTSC Generator

Tektronix TSG-170A NTSC Generator
Manufacturer: Tektronix
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Tektronix TSG-170A NTSC Television Generator


Tektronix TSG-170A NTSC Television Generator

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  • 01 Option 01 adds a separate SMPTE color-bar output for routine studio needs, such as tape leaders, freeing the front-panel selected test signals for engineering and maintenance.


    The Tektronix TSG-170A is a Test Signal and Sync Generation for Broadcast and Post Production Equipment Maintenance. The Tektronix TSG-170A NTSC Television Generator offers you the test signals you need plus the advantages of master and genlock sync capability. It provides true 10-Bit digital signal accuracy with a full complement of test signals and a stable master sync generator.

   The rugged, compact TSG-170A is designed to support both operational and maintenance requirements. The TSG170A Option 01 provides even more versatility by adding a separate SMPTE color bar generator, programmable identification, audio tone output and tape leader countdown.


  • Simple, Effective Test Signal Complement 
  • Master Sync Generator with Digital Genlock 
  • Separate Timing Controls for Sync and Test Signals 
  • Separate SMPTE Color Bars Output with Programmable ID (Opt. 01) 
  • Audio Tone Output (Opt. 01) Tape Leader Countdown (Opt. 01) 
  • Opt. 1V Signal Set for VM700T Measurements 

Test Signal Generator

   The accuracy and long term stability of the TSG170A test signals are enhanced by its precision digital to analog converter. Each converter is automatically laser trimmed to 12-Bit accuracy. The TSG170A test signal generator's simple front panel controls provide selection of:

  • SMPTE color bars 
  • Convergence 
  • Pulse and bar with window 
  • Multiburst 
  • 5-step luminance staircase 
  • Luminance ramp 
  • Modulated ramp 
  • Selectable 10% or 90% APL 
  • Bounce 
  • 10 and 100 IRE flat fields 
  • Red field 
  • Multibars 
  • NTC 7 composite 
  • System test matrix 
  • Monitor setup matrix 
  • 5 MHz line sweep 
  • Multipulse 
  • Color bar blanking width is 10.9 µs to facilitate verification of proper blanking throughout your system.

Master Sync Generator with Digital Genlock

   The TSG-170A sync generator's stable color standard and unique digital genlock make it ideal for either master generator or slave operation. All outputs are correctly SCH phased, even if the TSG170A is locked to an improperly SCH phased reference input. The digital genlock calculates sync timing and subcarrier phase to properly identify color framing of the input reference signal. The TSG-170A automatically senses composite video or 3.58 MHz subcarrier reference inputs and, in the absence of a reference input signal, automatically switches to its own internal reference. This high stability crystal oscillator, with its constant temperature oven, ensures long term frequency stability.