Tektronix TM506 Power Module

Tektronix TM506 Power Module
Manufacturer: Tektronix
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Tektronix TM506 6 Slot Power Module


Tektronix TM506 6 Slot Power Module

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   The Tektronix TM5006 Power Module Mainframe provides all the power required for up to 6 single slot plug-ins including generators, power supplies, oscilloscopes, counters, and DMMs.


  • 6 compartments
  • Compatibility: TM500 or TM5000 series plug-ins
  • IEEE-488 (GPIB) interface

 The Tektronix TM506 is just one of several mainframes available that are designed to hold and provide power for the Tektronix TM500-Series and in the TM5000-Series of modular instruments. Up to six single width modules can be plugged in to the TM506, or a list of other slot combinations can be accommodated. The TM500-Series of plug-ins includes oscilloscopes, function generators, scope calibration equipment, DMM's, counters and power supplies. Also choose from pulse generators, operational amplifiers, bandpass filters, and current probe amplifiers.