Tektronix TLA721 5 Slot Logic Analyzer Mainframe

Tektronix TLA721 5 Slot Logic Analyzer Mainframe
Manufacturer: Tektronix
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Tektronix TLA721 5 Slot Logic Analyzer Mainframe


Tektronix TLA721 5 Slot Logic Analyzer Mainframe

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   The Tektronix TLA Family of logic analyzers consists of the TLA600 Series and the TLA700 Series. The TLA600 Series offers a selection of stand-alone logic analyzer instruments at prices that make 500 ps timing resolution available to designers of today's mainstream embedded systems. The TLA721 Series offers the highest performance for today's demanding applications and consists of portable and benchtop modular mainframes with expansion mainframe capability. Instrument modules include logic analyzer, pattern generator and digital oscilloscope. A full line of complementary support products for popular processors and buses is available for the entire TLA family.


  • Holds 10 single-wide or 5 double-wide modules
  • 512 MB SDRAM
  • 30 GB HD
  • 4 MB Display Memory
  • Dual Monitor Support - 1600x1200 Resolution
  • Internal 8/4/32 CD-RW
  • Built-in 3.5 in. 1.44 MBdrive FDD
  • Microsoft Windows 2000.
  • 8 GHz MagniVu Acquisition Technology Provides up to 125 ps Timing
  • Resolution on All Channels All the Time Through the Same Probe
  • Up to 800 MHz State Acquisition with 1.25 Gb/s Data Rate for Advanced Processors and Buses
  • Simultaneous State, High-speed Timing and Analog Measurement Analysis
  • Through the Same Probe Pinpoints Elusive Faults
  • 34/68/102/136-Channel Logic Analyzers with up to 256 Mb Depth with Hardware-accelerated Waveform Display and Search Functions to Rapidly Analyze Acquired Data
  • 4-Channel Digital Oscilloscope with up to 1 GHz, 5 GS/s Provides High-fidelity Signal Quality Measurements of Digital Signals
  • 64-Channel Pattern Generator with up to 268 MHz and up to 2 Mb Depth Provides Stimulus for Functional Verification, Debugging and Stress Testing
  • Integrated View (iView) Capability Provides up to 6 GHz, 20 GS/s, and 32 Mb with a Stand-alone Tektronix TDS Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • TLAVu and PatGenVu Off-line Analysis Capability for Viewing Data and Creating Setups on a Separate PC
  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional PC Platform Provides Familiar User Interface with Network Connectivity


  • Hardware Debug and Verification
  • Processor/Bus Debug and Verification
  • Embedded Software Integration, Debug and Verification