Tektronix TLA714 Logic Analyzer Mainframe

Tektronix TLA714 Logic Analyzer Mainframe
Manufacturer: Tektronix
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Tektronix TLA714 Logic Analyzer Mainframe


Tektronix TLA714 Logic Analyzer Mainframe

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  •  1S 128 Mbit DRAM

Requires additional modules for your application

   Today's digital design engineers face daily pressures to speed new products to the marketplace. The Tektronix TLA714 answers the need with breakthrough solutions for the entire design team, providing the ability to quickly monitor, capture and analyze real-time system operation in order to debug, verify, optimize and validate digital systems. Hardware developers, Hardware/Software integrators and embedded software developers will appreciate the range of capabilities of the TLA714. Its broad feature set includes capturing and correlating elusive hardware and software faults; providing simultaneous state and high-speed timing analysis; using deep state acquisition to find the cause of complex problems; generating the digital stimulus for functional verification, debugging and stress testing; and offering non-intrusive real-time software execution tracing that correlates to the source code and to the hardware events. This kind of performance is matched by value.


  • Holds 4 single-wide or 2 double-wide modules
  • Instrument modules include logic analyzers, pattern generators and digitizing oscilloscopes
  • Up to 200 MHz state acquisition with 400 MHz data rate for advanced processors and buses
  • 500 MHz deep timing analysis with up to 128 Mb per channel
  • MagniVu technology provides 500 ps timing resolution on all channels all the time through the same probe
  • Simultaneous state and high speed timing analysis through the same probes pinpoints elusive faults
  • Broad processor and bus support universal source code support for correlating high-level language source with real-time trace
  • Performance analysis support for optimizing target system remote control using Microsoft COM/DCOM technology supports advanced data analysis
  • Microsoft Windows PC platform provides familiar user interface with network connectivity