Tektronix THS710A 60 MHz 2 Channel Hand Held Oscilloscope

Tektronix THS710A 60 MHz 2 Channel Hand Held Oscilloscope
Manufacturer: Tektronix
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Tektronix TDS340A 100 MHz 2 Channel Oscilloscope


Tektronix THS710A 60 MHz 2 Channel Hand Held Oscilloscope

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   The Tektronix THS710A Handheld Oscilloscope is a unique combination of power and function. The THS710A is equipped with a bandwidth of 60 MHz, a sample rate of 250 MS/s per channel, and a 10 ns to 50 s/div time/division range. This rugged, full-featured oscilloscope offers the most comprehensive triggering capabilities - external trigger and extensive triggering including delay, pulse width, and video. Loading a 3-3/4 digit DMM with datalogger, a 8 ns glitch capture, and a NiCd battery and AC adapter on a high performance scope makes this combination hard to beat. Either at your bench or at the site, this digital handheld is ideal to tackle most any measurement problem.


  • Autoranging for quick setup and hands-free operation
  • 60 MHz (THS710A) bandwidth with selectable 20 MHz bandwidth limit
  • 250 MS/s (THS710A) sample rate and 2,500 point record length
  • Separate digitizers for each channel (both channels always acquire simultaneously)
  • Waveform averaging and enveloping with hardware peak detection
  • Digital Real Time digitizing (up to five-times oversampling), sin(x)/x interpolation, and peak-detect acquisition to limit the possibility of aliasing
  • Independently isolated channels to allow improved safety for measurements to 21 VRMS while floating up to 600 VRMS using P5102 probes
  • Cursors and 21 continuously updated, automatic measurements
  • Simultaneous oscilloscope and meter operation on the same or on separate signals

Meter Features

The THS710A TekScope instrument is also a full-featured DMM with the following features:

  • True RMS VAC, VDC, Ohms, continuity, and diode-check functions
  • Autoranging or manual ranging
  • Data logger plot of meter measurements over a period of time
  • Max, min, delta max-min, relative-delta, and average statistics in the readout
  • Bar graph for an ¿analog meter¿ feel
  • Independently isolated meter inputs allow floating measurements to 600 VRMS
  • Overvoltage indicator warns when an overvoltage is applied to the input