Tektronix MTS200 Multi-Standard MPEG Test Systems

Tektronix MTS200 Multi-Standard MPEG Test Systems
Manufacturer: Tektronix
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Tektronix MTS200 Multi-Standard MPEG Test Systems


Tektronix MTS200 Multi-Standard MPEG Test Systems

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   The Tektronix MTS200 Series MPEG Test Systems provide innovative solutions to meet the challenges of designing and testing MPEG, DVB, and ATSC systems. The MTS200 Series products are based on an industry-standard computing platform that provides flexible and expandable test capabilities. The MTS200 Series provides three primary capabilities: real-time analysis, deferred-time analysis, and custom transport stream creation and generation.

Real-Time Analysis

   The MTS200 Series' real-time analysis capabilities enable you to perform extensive protocol analysis in real-time. All tests conform to MPEG, ETR290 recommendations and ATSC standards so you can verify that your designs meet established conformance criteria.

   In addition, the MTS200 Series enables you to vary test parameters from established specifications so you can define and test the limits of your design or established system. You have control over the interval of each table, the timing relationship between related tables, as well as PCR interval and precision measurements.

   To ease the analysis of test results, the MTS200 Series uses color in its various displays to indicate the status of each element under test within the transport stream. Green indicates that the element under test passes; Red indicates that there is a current error; and Orange indicates that an error has occurred but is no longer present. The Real-time Analyzer offers message logging that can be viewed either from the master log or on an individual PID basis.

   A statistical view (see Figure 1) provides a status-at-a-glance display of the overall bandwidth and efficiency of the transport stream under test. Graphic and dynamic displays show the data rates, percentage of use, and global data information for each program, PID, and the transport stream.

Deferred Time Analysis

The MTS200 Series' Deferred-time analysis capabilities provide four types of displays or views:

  • Hierarchical - Displays the structure of the transport stream and identifies all of the components.
  • Interpreted - Works as a tutorial on the MPEG structure. Double clicking on any of the fields in the display produces a definition of that field from the MPEG standard.
  • Graphical - Uses graphs to show information about PCR (jitter analysis), MUX Allocation (rate analysis), and the PID Map (for viewing "burstiness" of data).
  • Numerical - Shows decimal, hex, or binary versions of each display.
  • MPEG, DVB, ATSC and Dolby DigitalTM Compliance Testing
  • Real-time Analysis of Transport Streams
  • Real-time Multiplexing of Transport Streams
  • On-line Storage of Captured Transport Streams
  • Create and Generate Custom MPEG, DVB and ATSC Compliant Transport Streams
  • Modular Concept - Purchase Only Performance Required Today (Real-time Analysis, Deferred-time Analysis, or Generator Capability) - Easily Upgrade in the Future as Your Needs Change
  • MPEG Video Compliance Bitstreams for Independent Certification of MPEG Interoperability
  • Synchronous Serial Interface Adapter "DVB and ATSC"
  • Rack Mount Configuration Available