Tektronix K1297 Protocol Analyzer

Tektronix K1297 Protocol Analyzer
Manufacturer: Tektronix
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Tektronix K1297 Protocol Analyzer


Tektronix K1297 Protocol Analyzer

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  • Protocol Monitoring, Simulation and Emulation in a Single Cost-effective Unit for Development, Operation and Maintenance Applications
  • Addresses UMTS, TD-SCDMA, GPRS, GSM, SS7, CDMA2000 and Other Mobile, Core, VoIP and Access Networks with 2600+ Protocols
  • Powerful Tools for Monitoring/Simulation/Emulation of Signaling Protocols at the Iub, Iur, Iu, Nb, Mc, Nc, and Most of Gx, Such As Gb and Gn for SIGTRAN, MGW, HSDPA, and IMS Network Testing
  • End-to-end Testing Via Data Generation of IP Traffic On Top of GTP Emulation
  • Powerful ¿ Simultaneous Multi-layer Protocol Test at Multiple Different Interfaces Support Interworking Tests, Multi-generation Tests. Provides Valuable Tools for Identifying Problem Source


  • SIGTRAN Function and Interworking Test
  • HSDPA Integration Test
  • MGW TFO (Tandem-free Operation) Function Test
  • IMS Function and Interworking Test
  • Multi-MAP Function Test
  • UE Compliance Function Test
  • 2.5G-3G SGSN Function and Capacity Test
  • Error Insertion Test
  • Gb Over IP Test
  • Abis Over IP Test
  • Network Element Emulation, for example SGSN, BSS, HLR, RNC

Flexible, Comprehensive Protocol Testing

The K1297-G20 Protocol Testers provide a very flexible modular hardware and software platform for monitoring, simulating and emulating network traffic. A selection of interface modules and software packages that allow testing of most interfaces in mobile, core and access networks.

Architecture Supports High Performance, Configurability

The K1297-G20 uses an efficient hardware architecture that separates the user- and data-handling functions from the measurement applications and incorporates dedicated processors and communication controllers into each section.

The compact K1297-G20 utilizes a VME bus system with five (portable) or eight (benchtop) slots that enable a wide variety of configuration options, as well as the ability to expand as needs grow.

Slot 1 contains a Pentium III 850 MHz, 512 MB PC System Processor, with 4 × USB 2.0, an external XVGA connection, SCSI interface, Ethernet connection for 10/100 Base-T, as well as one serial and one parallel port. In addition to the system processor (PC) and application processor (AP) cards, the VME backplane also accommodates an assortment of test interface cards. The HDD size is 36.7 GB.

K1297-G20 standard version is equipped with a high-contrast XVGA-compatible color TFT display keyboard, floppy and hard disk drives. The built-in Ethernet adapter makes the K1297-G20 available for remote control use in a network, while the USB and PCMCIA slots also accept various communication interfaces (e.g. WLAN, GPRS card, or modem for remote operation). The Operation System is WinXP Embedded.

A Wide Array of Measurement and Test Interface Boards

The K1297-G20 is specifically designed to offer the user exceptional flexibility and expandability. The four or seven measurement slots, respectively, enable a wide variety of configuration options, as well as the ability to expand as needs grow.