Tektronix DTG-5274 Data Timing Generator Mainframe

Tektronix DTG-5274 Data Timing Generator Mainframe
Manufacturer: Tektronix
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Tektronix DTG-5274 Data Timing Generator Mainframe


Tektronix DTG-5274 Data Timing Generator Mainframe

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Requires additional plug in modules for operation

   The Tektronix DTG5274 Series Data Timing Generator is a high-speed, multichannel signal generator that creates a wide range of digital timing signals. The products are designed to generate a data pattern for standard and nonstandard pulses necessary for functional tests or characterization of legacy devices (TTL, CMOS, ECL) as well as the latest devices (PECL, LVDS, GTL, CML). Use the DTG5274 series to insert glitches and jitter as needed, and easily create patterns for device stress testing. In addition, to shorten testing time, use the sequence function to create signal sequences from combinations of various patterns. The DTG5274 Series Data Timing Generator supports six types of output modules (DTGM10, DTGM20, DTGM21, DTGM30, DTGM31 and DTGM32). The Tektronix DTG5274 is the 4 channel version and can support 4 data modules.

   The Tektronix DTG5000 Series combines the power of a data generator with the capabilities of a pulse generator in a versatile, bench-top form factor, shortening the duration of complex test procedures and simplifying the generation of low-jitter, high-accuracy clock signals, parallel or serial data across multiple channels. Its modular platform allows you to easily configure the performance of the instrument to your existing and emerging needs to minimize equipment costs. Three mainframes and five plug-in output modules combine to cover a range of applications from legacy devices to the latest technologies. In addition, eight low-current, independently-controlled DC outputs can substitute for external power supplies. Each mainframe incorporates a full compliment of auxiliary input and output channels to easily integrate with other instruments, such as oscilloscopes and logic analyzers, to create a flexible and powerful lab.


  • Versatile Platform Combines Features of Data Generator, Pulse Generator, and DC Source
  • Up to 3.35 Gb/s Data Rate
  • From 1 to 96 Data Channels (Master/Slave)
  • Class Leading Delay Resolution of 0.2 ps (DTG5274/DTG5334), 1 ps (DTG5274), up to 600 ns of Total Delay
  • Modular Architecture Helps to Protect Your Investment and Allows the Instrument to Expand With Your Growing Needs
  • Advanced Control Over Signal Parameters to Meet Most Current Testing Needs, Including Stressed Eye Generation
    • External Jitter Injection (DTGM31, DTGM32 Modules)
    • Level Control with 5 mV Resolution
  • Easy to Use and Learn Shortens Time to Test
    • Easily Configure with Plug-in Modules
    • Intuitive Windows User Interface
    • Bench Top Form Factor
    • Integrated PC Supports Network Integration and Built-in CD-ROM, LAN, Floppy Drive, USB Ports
  • Up to 64 Mb Pattern Depth Per Channel for Complex Data Patterns