Tektronix DS1000 Television Demodulator

Tektronix DS1000 Television Demodulator
Manufacturer: Tektronix
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Tektronix DS21 Television Demodulator


Tektronix DS21 Television Demodulator

Model DS1001 for System NTSC M/N


Features & Benefits

  • Standards Supported:
    • M/N (DS1001A/DS1001G)
    • B/G (DS11)
  • Tuning Range:
    • 55.25 to 801.25 MHz (M/N)
    • 48.25 to 860.25 MHz (B/G)
  • Stereo Sound: BTSC, Dual Tone, NICAM (System Dependent)
  • Zero Carrier Pulse for Depth of Modulation Measurements
  • Standard and User-defined Channel Tables
  • RF Ghost Canceling Processing (DS1001G Only)
  • RS-232/RS-485 I/O Port for Remote Control
  • Simultaneous Left and Right and SAP Audio Output Monitoring
  • Remote Monitoring of RF Input Level
  • Lower Power Dissipation for Increased Efficiency and Reliability
  • Dual Video Outputs
  • IF Inputs and Outputs
  • Front Panel Lock-out Feature


  • Remote Node Monitoring
  • Operational Demodulation
  • Broadcast Demodulation


The Tektronix DS21 Series Television Demodulators are the answer for cable operators, broadcasters and manufacturers that need a low-cost, high-performance demodulator. They support television standards M/N and B/G.

The DS21 Series products are full measurement-grade demodulators, with specifications better than demodulators twice their size. Input sensitivity and other specifications make the DS21 Series ideal for use as a repeater or as the analog front end of an RF-to-digital conversion system in all-digital cable systems. It can also act as a precision set-top converter for making baseband measurements in the field.

The DS21 Series products are well suited for remote node monitoring. The addressable serial port allows remote control and status monitoring using computers and modems.

For a complete solution that includes a graphical display, the DS21 Series can be combined with the 1740A Combination Waveform/Vector Monitor.

Ghost Canceling

The DS1001G incorporates state-of-the-art ghost canceling technology which improves overall video quality by using a specialized ghost canceling test signal, pre-inserted into the television signal by broadcasters, to automatically null out annoying static or dynamic picture "ghosts" caused by RF signal reflections from large buildings, trucks or changing weather conditions.

Audio Support

Audio support includes BTSC stereo for system M/N (DS1001A) as well as both FM (mono & dual tone) and NICAM support for System B/G (DS11). The DS1001A audio outputs are through special terminal-block connectors, which provide simultaneous outputs of Left, Right and SAP audio channels.  The DS1001A also has a 4.5 MHz intercarrier output for driving an external aural modulation monitor.