Tektronix AD954 MPEG Portable Analyzer

Tektronix AD954 MPEG Portable Analyzer
Manufacturer: Tektronix
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Tektronix AD954 MPEG Portable Analyzer


Tektronix AD954 MPEG Portable Analyzer

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Includes required laptop for operation

   The Tektronix AD954 is a small, portable unit with enough power to debug MPEG-2 systems in the field. It interfaces with the Engineer's laptop computer running AD954 software to create a cost effective and simple analysis tool for use on the move.

The Tektronix AD954 is designed for engineers who work in the field on compression equipment installation and service. For them it provides instant real-time analysis and recording as well as off-line analysis at the transport stream level. The AD954 works with the engineer's own laptop on which status information is provided by clear graphical displays. The result is simple, in-the-field diagnosis and quality assurance.

  • Supports MPEG-2/DVB/ATSC Transport Streams Which Enables Testing to be Performed Anywhere in the World
  • Real Time Monitoring of Key Parameters gives an immediate indication of major problems
  • Detailed Off Line Transport Stream Analysis Enables Full In-depth Analysis of the Transport Stream
  • Transport Stream Capture and Triggered Recording Provides the Capability to Send Streams Back to Base
  • ASI, SMPTE 310M, DVB Parallel Interfaces for Connection Anywhere in an MPEG-2 Network
  • Small, Light and Portable
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Installation and Commissioning of DVB/ATSC or any MPEG-2 Transmission Chain
  • Testing and Debug of MPEG-2 Broadcast Equipment

Real Time Monitoring

   The AD954 performs real time monitoring of MPEG-2, DVB and ATSC transport streams. This gives "live" stream compliance status and highlights errant stream behavior.

DVB Testing

  • AD954 provides real time monitoring of all the DVB defined first priority measurements*1. It also gives status of the transport error indicator and detects unreferenced PIDs
  • A real time view of the SI tables is provided

ATSC Testing

  • In addition to the basic transport stream tests a real time view of the PSIP table is provided

PID Bit Rate Testing

  • User selected PIDs may be tested to check whether their bit rate remains constant for a period of greater than 1 second. The multiplex occupancy is tested against user definable limits on either a per PID or per program basis. Installation engineers can thereby confirm that statistical multiplexers are functioning correctly


  • AD954 can record up to 15 seconds of data at bit rates of 90 Mb/s
  • Recording is initiated direct from the user interface
  • Captured files can be examined in the field using Stream Analyzer software or sent back to research and development engineers for further analysis

Triggered Recording

  • Recording can be triggered by a change in state of any one of the measurements made by the AD954, as defined by the user
  • The trigger point can be defined to be any point in the recorded file
  • Trigger settings can be maintained between sessions