Tektronix 1780R Video Measurement Set

Tektronix 1780R Video Measurement Set
Manufacturer: Tektronix
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Tektronix 1780R Video Measurement Set


Tektronix 1780R Video Measurement Set

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   The Tektronix 1780R Series Video Measurement Set offers features for precise evaluation of studio and transmission performance. This multi-function instrument is a wide bandwidth, multi-input, waveform/vector/SCH measurement package. The advantages of separate waveform and vector instruments are provided in a single rack width, 5.25 in. or 133.4 mm high package. In addition, specific measurements take advantage of the 1780R Series' shared waveform monitor and vectorscope internal processing. Separate, optimized waveform and vector display CRTs allow simultaneous monitoring of several video parameters.

Traditional Capabilities
  • The 1780R Series provides a full menu of waveform/vector/SCH monitoring capabilities.
  • Four video inputs may be individually displayed or selected in various combinations on the waveform monitor. Vector presentations may be individually displayed, overlaid for comparison or compared to an external reference. A fifth video signal may be selected for individual display via the high impedance front panel probe input.
  • Internal video filters are provided for specialized measurements. Dual and triple filter modes permit simultaneous display of video signal spectral components. External filter use is facilitated by an auxiliary video path.
  • A selection of internal and electronic graticules and electronic cursors permit measurements specific to many studio and transmission system applications.
  • Sweep rates and line standards are appropriate to the instrument operating standard. An external horizontal input facilitates ICPM measurements.
  • External staircase from a camera control unit may be selected remotely.
  • Slow sweep is standard in the 1780R Series. Low frequency transient phenomena, such as bounce, are easily observed.
  • A full function vectorscope configured for monitoring and measurement of the color video signal is incorporated in the 1780R Series.
Advanced Capabilities

   In addition to the waveform and vector capabilities expected in measurement quality instruments, the 1780R Series provides significant enhancements which make measurements more accurate and consistent.

  • A precision phase control and on-screen readout allows differential display resolution to within .05 degrees, with an absolute accuracy of .1 degree around the full 360 degree vector range.
  • The Tektronix double trace differential phase measurement technique is enhanced with a digital recursive vertical filter to permit accurate readings in the presence of noise. The display may be overlaid with a much greater degree of accuracy. Differential phase value is indicated by the on-screen readout.
  • A double trace differential gain display is also provided. Measurements are more repeatable. The digital recursive vertical filter may also be used in this mode.
  • Differential gain and phase may be displayed simultaneously, side-by-side on the waveform display CRT.