Tektronix 1735 PAL/NTSC Dual Standard Analog Waveform Monitors

Tektronix 1735 PAL/NTSC Dual Standard Analog Waveform Monitors
Manufacturer: Tektronix
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Tektronix 1735 PAL/NTSC Dual Standard Analog Waveform Monito


Tektronix 1735 PAL/NTSC Dual Standard Analog Waveform Monitors

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   The Tektronix 1730 Series Waveform Monitors and 1720 Series Vectorscopes provide comprehensive television signal monitoring for both NTSC and PAL applications. These versatile instruments are light weight, half-rack width and have bright CRTs for video signal monitoring. Both instruments exceed normal monitoring capabilities, and their unique features make them even more powerful when operated in tandem. Each monitor has its own advanced feature set and the proven 1700 Series family performance to provide more monitor for the money. These monitors do the job faster, better and easier at an economical price.

   The 1720 Series and 1730 Series families cover a wide variety of video testing needs. For typical composite monitoring in the NTSC and PAL realm, the 1720 Series and 1730 Series more than handle the job. If there is a need for Dual Standard testing (PAL and NTSC), the 1735 Waveform Monitor and 1725 Vectorscope can be used. Digital testing of both composite parallel and composite serial can be accomplished with the 1730D Series of Digital Waveform Monitors. Whatever the individual video testing application, the 1720 and 1730 Series family provide an easy to use, economical solution.

Complete Line Select

   The 1735 Series Waveform Monitor has full frame line select, with alphanumeric readout, that can be tracked by the 1720 Series Vectorscope when in Auxiliary mode. Any one or two lines of the entire frame can be selected and displayed or the same line(s) in both fields can be viewed at one time. An intensified zone in the two-field sweep and on the picture monitor output signal indicates the location of the line selection. In addition, any successive 15 lines can be overlaid for camera and VTR adjustments.

Simultaneous Channel A and B display

   These instruments have microprocessor front panel control. They are operator-friendly and provide outstanding features in half-rack waveform monitors or vectorscopes. The 1735 Series Waveform Monitor has dual channel display capability, allowing both input channels to be displayed on the CRT simultaneously.

  • Performance and Economy
  • Full Frame Line Select
  • Simultaneous Channel A and B Display
  • Dual Filter Display
  • One-button Front Panel Recall
  • RGB/YRGB Display Capability
  • 1730 Series Displays D-2 Servo Waveforms
  • Parallax-free Internal Graticules
  • Differential Phase and Gain Measurement
  • Stereo Audio Phase Measurement
  • Vector Center Dot Clamping
  • Remote Control Capability
  • Available in NTSC and PAL Standards as Well as Dual Standard
  • White Phosphor Available
  • Composite Serial and Parallel Monitoring Is Available with 1730D Series