Tektronix 1502C Metallic Cable Tester

Tektronix 1502C Metallic Cable Tester
Manufacturer: Tektronix
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Tektronix 1502C Metallic Cable Tester


Tektronix 1502C Metallic Cable Tester

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   The Tektronix 1502C Series is designed to quickly and easily locate opens, shorts, crimps, and other defects in metallic cables. The 1502C can measure up to 2,000 feet (625 meters). Using a process similar to radar, the 1502C Series transmits electrical pulses down the cable under test. Impedance changes in the cable reflect some of the pulse energy back to the MTDR. The reflections are displayed on a backlit, HyperTwist, high-contrast LCD display. The characteristics of the displayed trace allow the user to determine the nature of the cable fault. When testing 50 Ω cable with a Vp of 0.66, the 1502C allows the determination of 0.5 Ω cable faults. Multiple faults can be measured as close as 0.8 inch. The 1502C measures 50 Ω impedance.


  • Backlit LCD Display Assures Sharp Images in Any Lighting Condition
  • Menu-driven Operation for Easy Test Set-up
  • Help Screens Provide Information on Instrument Operation and Measurements
  • Information Screens Provide Cable Impedance and Vp Values
  • Digital Filtering Reduces Displayed Noise, Resulting in a Cleaner Waveform Display
  • Vertical and Horizontal Delta Modes Allow Easy Delta Measurements
  • Waveform Storage Allows Comparison of the Current and Previously Recorded Waveform
  • Ω at Cursor Allows Direct Readout of Characteristic Impedance
  • Rugged and Portable - Designed for Field Use
  • Optional Chart Recorder Provides Hard Copies of Results


  • Telephony
  • Computer/LAN
  • CATV
  • Power Companies
  • Agriculture
  • PCB Manufacturers
  • Cable Manufacturers
  • Airlines
Typical Cable Measurements
  • Distance to faults
  • Cable propagation velocity
  • Cable return loss in dB
  • Faulty taps and unterminated line in LAN and CATV networks