Tektronix 1450-1 Television Demodulator

Tektronix 1450-1 Television Demodulator
Manufacturer: Tektronix
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Tektronix 1450-1 Television Demodulator


Tektronix 1450-1 Television Demodulator

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Requires a TDC Plug in for operation

   The standard in broadcast excellence. The Tektronix 1450-1 provides a high quality basis for accurate and reliable transmitter measurements. The 1450-1 (System M) TV Demodulator mainframe is combined with a Tektronix Television Down Converter (TDC) to provide an accurate link between your transmitter's RF signals and video baseband measuring equipment. To make accurate transmitter measurement a 1450-1 must be used because they have both synchronous and envelope detection and low phase noise.

   Many television picture quality issues ultimately reduce down to the single issue of video system frequency response. This is because picture quality is largely a matter of maintaining video signal fidelity throughout recording, processing, and transmission. Signal fidelity, in turn, often depends primarily on maintaining the relative amplitudes and phases across all frequencies in the video signal.

   In other words, the amplitude response versus frequency of the video system must be flat over its designated bandwidth. Similarly, group delay (changes in the slope of the phase response) must also be minimized in order to maintain relative phases.

   To illustrate the importance of this further, consider what happens when signal amplitude is reduced at the higher frequencies. This causes attenuation of the video signal's high-frequency content. Since high frequencies make up the fine detail in the video signal -- and the picture -- high-frequency losses mean loss of detail. Sharp edges or transitions become washed out.

   Other frequency amplitude (or phase) response anomalies, such as peaking or dipping, create a host of other signal and picture fidelity problems. Consequently, frequency-response measurements are an important part of maintaining video signal fidelity.