Tektronix 11801B Digital Sampling Oscilloscope

Tektronix 11801B Digital Sampling Oscilloscope
Manufacturer: Tektronix
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Tektronix 11801B Digital Sampling Oscilloscope


Tektronix 11801B Digital Sampling Oscilloscope

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 Requires additional plug in channel modules for operation

   The Tektronix 11801B oscilloscope is a graph-displaying device it draws a graph of an electrical signal. In most applications, the graph shows how signals change over time: the vertical (Y) axis represents voltage and the horizontal (X) axis represents time. The intensity or brightness of the display is sometimes called the Z axis. The Tektronix 11801B oscilloscope's simple graph can tell you many things about a signal, such as: the time and voltage values of a signal, the frequency of an oscillating signal, the moving parts of a circuit represented by the signal, the frequency with which a particular portion of the signal is occurring relative to, other portions, whether or not a malfunctioning component is distorting the signal, how much of a signal is direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) and how much of the signal is noise and whether the noise is changing with time.

  The 11801B Digital Sampling Oscilloscope offers the widest range of on-board measurement and waveform processing capabilities. The bandwidth of the unit is DC to 50GHz with a rise time of 7 ps. It has a sampling rate of 200 kS/s. It has 8 channels and features automatic measurements for Jitter/Noise, Statistical, Histograms, Mask Testing, and Pulse with statistics. It has a color display.

  • DC to 50 GHz Bandwidth
  • 7 ps Rise Time
  • 8 Channels, Expandable to 136 (with SM-11)
  • 10 fs Sampling Interval (0.01 ps)
  • Modular Architecture
  • 200 kS/s Sample Rate
  • Dual Time Base
  • Non-volatile Waveform and Setting Storage
  • FFT
  • Predefined Telecom Masks (Opt. 1T)
  • TDR
  • Automatic Measurements:
    • Jitter/Noise, Statistical
    • Histograms, Mask Testing
    • Pulse with Statistics
  • Programmable for ATE Applications
  • Color Display
  • Comprehensive Waveform Processing
  • Semiconductor Testing
  • TDR Characterization of Circuit Boards, IC Packages and Cables