Sunset Portable ISDN Tester

Sunset Portable ISDN Tester
Manufacturer: Sunrise Telecom
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Sunset Hand Held ISDN Tester
Sunset Hand Held ISDN Tester

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A comprehensive ISDN test solution offering BRI and PRI installation and maintenance testing in a hand-held, simple-to-use unit

   The Sunset Hand Held ISDN Test Set offers a comprehensive list of features in a handheld unit, simplifying in-service and out-of-service troubleshooting on Basic Rate and Primary Rate circuits. Dual BRI U interfaces, an S/T interface, dual PRI interfaces, and a complete choice of emulation modes add versatility to this ISDN workhorse. The straightforward configuration and menu-driven operation make the Sunset ISDN simple to use.

  • BRI U and S/T Tests
  • PRI T1/E1 Tests
  • Voice Call Setup
  • ISDN Call Function
  • Data Call Setup and BERT Measurements
  • Automated Tests
  • Supplementary Service Test
  • Bulk Call Generator
  • Sequential B-Channel Call Testing
  • D-channel X.25 Packet Test
  • D-channel Protocol Analysis
  • Phantom Power
  • 40 kHz Tone Generation and Measurement
  • Software cartridges for fast and convenient feature upgrades

         The Sunset ISDN provides comprehensive test solutions for both BRI and PRI ISDN circuits.

  • The 16-line x 32-character LCD features backlight and contrast controls to improve readability in low-light environments. The instrument setup is shown on either the multi-line display or the convenient graphic display, providing instant confirmation of the interface connection. D-channel protocol messages, interface power, and call status give the user a clear understanding of the circuit status.
  • High intensity LEDs instantly alert the user to the interface in use, layer 1 status, alarms, and BER tests in progress.
  • An extensive set of emulation modes allows testing at different points on the circuit.
  • The U-Repeater function provides an efficient troubleshooting tool for the U interface where high-impedance monitoring is not possible.
  • The Bonding test, including inter-B-channel delay statistics and BERT, tests applications requiring B-channel bonding such as video-conferencing.
  • A built-in protocol decoder provides detailed on-screen information without additional external decoding software.
  • Multiple protocols allow the SunSet ISDN to be used in most countries where ISDN services are deployed.
  • Leased line test modes for BRI and PRI allow layer 1 only BER testing.