Sunset Portable E1 Tester+ options

Sunset Portable E1 Tester+ options
Manufacturer: Sunrise Telecom
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Sunset Hand Held E1 Test Set + Options E, K2, L
Sunset Hand Held E1 Test Set + Options E, K2, L

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with options

  • E  Pulse Mask
  • L Level Measurement

Powerful and Reliable E1 Handheld Test Set

   With a proven success record, the SunSet E1 leads the field of E1 handheld test sets in today's market. You will find in the SunSet E1 the power and reliability to meet all your testing needs in the installation, acceptance, and maintenance of 2.048 Mbps digital transmission circuits. The SunSet E1 simplifies your testing and shows you your desired results more quickly. You will appreciate having all these capabilities in a handheld package that you can take anywhere.


  • Terminated, Protected Monitoring Point, and High Impedance Input
  • G.703 Pulse Shape Analysis
  • ITU-T G.821, G.826, and M.2100 Analysis
  • Frequency measurements with selectable resolution
  • N x 64 fractional 2 Mbit/s BERT
  • Auto configuration
  • Error insertion / Alarm generation
  • Propagation delay
  • VF measurement
  • 8 frames monitoring of received data and 30 channel ABCD signaling bits
  • Histograms Analysis
  • E-bit Performance Monitoring
  • VT 100 menu-based remote control

   At any points in your digital network, SunSet E1 allows you to connect and test a digital transmission network. The SunSet E1 comes with 3 popular input modes. First, connecting directly to IN / OUT ports of terminal equipment in Terminated mode. Second, monitoring directly at a live traffic in High Impedance (Bridge) mode. Final, monitoring at Protected Monitoring Point which is commonly provided in terminal equipment. Wherever you are either in Exchange or at Customer premises, you can easily connect the SunSet to monitor and analyze the digital network.