Sunrise Telecom T10 Handheld T1 Tester plus Options

Sunrise Telecom T10 Handheld T1 Tester plus Options
Manufacturer: Sunrise Telecom
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Sunrise T10 plus Options


Sunrise T10 Handheld T1 Tester plus Options 

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with options

  • A SW180 Remote Control
  • B SW190 Pulse Mask
  • C SW185 MF/DTMF/DP
  • D SW183 Noise Analysis
  • E SW189A SS#7 Analysis
  • F SW186 ISDN
  • G SS151 Datacom Module
  • H Datacom Mode
  • I SW 189B SS#7 TCAP Analysis
  • K SW182 Data Link Ctr 1
  • L SW181 CSU/NI Emulation
  • M SW187 Switch 56 Test
  • N SW184 Westell/Teltrend
  • O SW191 GSM 16K Voice
  • P SW2xx Signaling Emulation
  • Q SW188 DDS Testing
  • R DSXMON Pulse Mask
  • T T1 Low Level Measurement
  • U New Keypad Scanning
  • V SW193-GR-303 Monitor

Unparalleled T1 Transmission and Service Testing

   The SunSet T10 provides one simple solution for all your T1 testing requirements - from basic transmission and BERT testing to frame relay, voice, ISDN primary rate, GR-303, HDSL, SS7, Datacom, and DDS. At two pounds, the SunSet T10 gives you the flexibility to bring this full testing capability wherever you need to go.


  • Comprehensive T1 Transmission Testing
  • Loopback Testing for T1 and HDSL Circuits
  • ISDN PRI Analysis
  • Voice and Signaling Testing
  • GR-303 Analysis
  • Frame Relay Testing
  • Datacom Testing: 50 bps to 1.54 Mbps
  • SS7 Analysis

   Combining the functions of more than seven separate analyzers into a single hand-held unit, the SunSet T10 offers unsurpassed versatility for T1 and Datacom testing applications.

   Physical features of the set include: dual transmitters and receivers for drop & insert and bi-directional monitoring; NiMH battery providing over 3 hours of battery operating time; built-in microphone/speaker to verify voice path and quality; and bright LEDs to show the status of both lines simultaneously. PCM CIA cards provide instant software upgrades or new software options without factory installation.