Sunrise Sunset MTT SSxDSL-8 Dual T1 Module

Sunrise Sunset MTT SSxDSL-8 Dual T1 Module
Manufacturer: Sunrise Telecom
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Sunrise Sunset MTT SSxDSL-8 Dual T1 Module


Sunrise Sunset MTT SSxDSL-8 Dual T1 Module

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Requires Sunrise MTT Mainframe to operate

   The Sunrise SSxDSL-8 Dual T1 Module, part of the SunSet Modular Test Toolkit (MTT) family of products, is a rugged, battery-operated handheld test solution for comprehensive T1 testing. The MTT product family features the SunSet MTT as the industry┬┐s premium handheld platform for access network service installation, verification, and troubleshooting applications. The Dual T1 Module, suited for everything from cable installation and maintenance to protocol monitoring, offers a full suite of tools for testing T1 circuits including pulse mask analysis, frequency and signal level measurement, error detection, alarm monitoring, voice frequency, and loopback control.


  • Full duplex T1 testing - bidirectional monitoring
  • Frequency and signal level measurement
  • CSU and NIU emulation and loopback control
  • HDSL span control
  • Intelligent repeater control
  • ESF facility data link
  • Voice frequency monitoring
  • Pulse mask analysis
  • MF/DTMF/DP dialing and analysis
  • ISDN PRI call setup and analysis
  • GR-303 analysis
  • SS7 protocol analysis
  • Frame relay testing


  • Accept a new T1 span (out-of-service testing)
  • Monitor an in-service circuit (in-service testing)
  • Loop a CSU or NIU on a T1 line
  • Check frame slip and frame synchronization
  • Measure a T1 signal level and pulse shape
  • Talk and listen on a voice channel on a T1 line
  • Fractional T1 testing
  • Place/receive an ISDN call
  • Troubleshoot an ISDN PRI problem with protocol trace monitoring and decoding
  • Monitor the TMC/CSC control channel in a GR-303 system
  • Bidirectional monitoring of SS7 signaling links