Spirent/Zarak Abacus Portable Abacus Bulk Call Generator

Spirent/Zarak Abacus Portable Abacus Bulk Call Generator
Manufacturer: Adtech / Spirent
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Spirent/Zarak Abacus Portable Abacus Bulk Call Generator


Spirent/Zarak Abacus Portable Abacus Bulk Call Generator

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with options

  • 2 PCG Cards
  • 1 PI Card
  • Call Generation
  • T1 CAS
  • E1 CAS
  • PRA

   Zarak Systems introduced a portable version of its Abacus bulk call simulator. Housed in a tower PC-style case, this mobile call simulator is fully compatible with the rack-mounted version, and uses the same plug-ins. The portable Abacus is used with a laptop computer for automated testing and statistical analysis on PBX, Central Office, cellular network, and voice mail systems. The system enables the custom creation of routines to generate, confirm, and evaluate calling patterns. Windows-based commands allow selection of analog, ISDN, E1, T1, or GR-303 interfaces. The system has six slots that can accommodate a mixture of these interfaces

   Abacus meets the demand for a scalable and modular telephony test systems, designed to meet requirements for low- to high-density traffic generation and switching.    Abacus tests scalability, performance, interoperability, and voice quality for Voice, Video and Data over IP prior to and during deployment. Spirent Communications¿ IP, voice, video and data test solutions use Abacus to enable conformance, functional and performance testing, eliminating the need for multiple test tools. Spirent enables equipment manufacturers and service providers to test the migration from legacy to converged network equipment¿including Triple Play testing for voice, video and data.

   Load handling, functionality and interoperability issues can be easily identified and resolved, thanks to an extensive array of real time call statistics and integrated protocol analysis. Abacus enables you to conduct synchronized and elaborate testing scenarios, and reduces the overall cost of testing by eliminating the need for multiple boxes of different types. Integrated testing is the only way to adequately verify converged network infrastructure. Save money and avoid unwieldy test beds with Spirent¿s single IP Telephony and PSTN system for lab and distributed testing.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive device testing for effects on voice quality (MOS, PSQM, PSQM+, PESQ, PESQ (MOS-LQO), J-MOS, R-Factor (P.834), E-Model R-Factor (G.107))
  • Highest scalability of voice-centric infrastructure testing
  • Tests the impact of data and video on voice in a Triple Play network
  • Simultaneously supports IP telephony and PSTN testing
  • Can be used to test the interoperability of disparate devices and switching schemes including analog, TDM, and VoIP traffic