Spirent/Netcom Smartbit 200

Spirent/Netcom Smartbit 200
Manufacturer: Adtech / Spirent
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Spirent/Netcom Smartbit 200


Spirent/Netcom Smartbit 200

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installed cards

  • AT-9108 T1 Interface
  • WN-3415 T1 Interface
  • WN-3420

   Paper promises and vendor specs won't keep the field honest. "The vendor said the switch was handling 10MB of traffic, but it seems to be the choke point!" "The router just doesn't seem to be performing as they said it should!" "The network just isn't performing well." Do these and numerous other questions go unanswered in your meetings on network performance? As consultants in the field, we decided we needed to do objective testing of networks and products to verify that their operation on paper was the same as their operation in real life. Our first job was to find equipment that could help us test networks and products. Surprisingly, we found few products that would generate the amount and type of traffic that we desired and fewer that would assist us in analyzing the results of our anticipated torture tests. But one vendor and one product line stuck out as the best of breed: Spirent/Netcom Systems SmartBits. A quick call to the company and discussion with their staff proved why. Spirent/Netcom Systems has created a product that can truly test products and networks in real-life operation by generating and analyzing the commonly existing traffic patterns.

   The Spirent/Netcom SmartBits test system is a network and equipment analyzer that generates network traffic, as well as providing analysis of the data. The SmartBits test system includes a chassis and a series of SmartCards, each of which provides one independent Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, ATM, VG Any LAN, or Token Ring port. Chassis sizes vary, but the standard one holds up to 20 SmartCards chassis that can be daisy-chained together to provide up to 80 ports for true system testing. These pieces of industrial-strength equipment enable network managers to test networks in high-traffic situations and at more granular port-based or mesh configurations. The Spirent/Netcom SmartBits test system comes with a variety of software to perform network and equipment analysis. Smart Applications is a Windows-based application that is used to determine throughput, packet loss, latency, and back-to-back performance test under full load. The SmartLib Programming Library allows for developers to program in Visual Basic, C, or C++ to add new function ability to the SmartBits system. SmartWindow is another Windows-based software package that allows the user to configure the transmission, triggers, and monitoring of each SmartCard either individually or in groups and to perform tests between any port or group of ports quickly and accurately. In a nutshell, the SmartBits system feeds massive amounts of data into a system or piece of equipment, measuring the output of the tested device or network for performance. 

  The SmartBits product line serves many purposes. SmartBits is used in the design stage, the quality-assurance and the interoperability labs, and for performance verification. Network equipment manufacturers use it to bring their products to the market faster by testing their own equipment for quality assurance. Premanufacturing testers have used SmartBits to verify scalability. The sales force uses SmartBits to show potential customers the capabilities of its product line.