Sorenson MML-4 Electronic Load

Sorenson MML-4 Electronic Load
Manufacturer: Sorensen
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Sorenson MML-4 Electronic Load Mainframe

plus one plug in MML-80V-20A-601

 The MML Family Programmable DC Electronic Loads are ideal for test environments requiring a variety of medium power loads. This family has single input loads from 100W to 600W. Two mainframe sizes, both 4U (7 inches) high, accommodate either benchtop (10.8 inches wide) or full rackmount environments. This DC load family is ideal for engineering or manufacturing test applications. The loads have been designed to test AC to DC converters, DC to DC converters, power storage devices and electronic components. The system is easily configured by using front panel plug-in modules. The system can be operated by front panel keypad control, standard RS 232 or optional IEEE-488.2 control interface. This family can be operated in constant current, constant voltage and constant resistance modes. Each load can simulate a wide dynamic range of loading conditions, including short circuit simulations. Load test sequences can be programmed with different slew rates, load levels, durations and modes. Real time measurement is provided for load voltage and current.