Sony SIR-1000I 16 Channel Data Recorder with ICP

Sony SIR-1000I 16 Channel Data Recorder with ICP
Manufacturer: Sony Data Recorders
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Sony SIR-21I 16 Channel Data Recorder with ICPI


Sony SIR-21I 16 Channel Data Recorder with ICP

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   The SIR-21i has built-in ICP power supply, which enables direct connection with ICP sensors. This function saves space at a recording site, making the SIR-21i a perfect fit in field recording applications. Input mode is switchable between sensor and direct voltage, latter of which is SIR-21's standard. Type of input mode is recorded on tape along with other auxiliary information such as input range and time code and is displayed on play back.

   The SIR-21I in basic configuration features a 20kHz bandwidth for all 16 channels. In addition, 32 channels of DC to 20kHz analog data can be simultaneously recorded on a single data cartridge by combining the recorder with an optional SCX-32/SCX-32i Channel Expansion Unit. The number of channels can be further increased by adding channel expansion units. 128 channels of 5kHz analog data can be recorded with a system consisting of the SIR-21/SIR-21i and seven SCX-32/SCX-32i.  


  • Selectable input mode SENSOR or DIRECT
  • Extended input range
  • Compatible with SIR-21. Data recorded on the SIR-21 can be played back on the SIR-21i and vice versa.
  • Indicators: Colored LEDs for SENSOR input modes and warning indication.

  The PCM system provides a dynamic range of 80 dB or more (SIR-21/-21i) through 16-bit linear quantization and independent AD/DA conversion for each channel. This not only allows extremely accurate data recording but also facilitates the input range settings. In addition, the adoption of 64 bit oversampling digital filters provides nearly linear phase characteristics and achieves an inter-channel phase difference of less than 1 degree (SIR-21/SIR-21i). The analog input level has an allowable range of up to 133% of the full scale range setting. The analog characteristics specified in this data sheet are for up to 133%.