Sony SIR-1000 16 Channel Data Recorder

Sony SIR-1000 16 Channel Data Recorder
Manufacturer: Sony Data Recorders
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Sony SIR-21 16 Channel Data Recorder


Sony SIR-21 16 Channel Data Recorder

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   The Sony SIR-21 is a high speed digital data recorders that utilise AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) technology. It is a 16-channel, high-speed digital data recorder suitable for data recording in the field or laboratory. Frequency Response is from DC to 20 kHz for 16 or 32 channels (see SCX-32 for 16-channel expansion). 2 to 32 hour recording and playback with variable tape speeds. Over 80 dB dynamic range; 16-bit linear quantization. Equipped with BNC single-ended analog input connectors. Data can be stored, downloaded to a PC or replayed in real-time. High quality data recordings from the best in the industry.


  • AIT Media - 25GB and 2-32 hours recording duration per tape
  • Input ranges from ±0.1V to ±20V.  (ICP® facility SIR-21i)
  • Bandwidths up to 20kHz on a maximum of 32 channels using a Channel Expansion Unit
  • 16-128 Channels (20kHz - 5kHz)
  • 90-250VAC, 9-32VDC and Battery Powered
  • >80dB Dynamic Range
  • Lightweight and Portable