Schaffner NSG1025 Fast Transient/Burst Generator

Schaffner NSG1025 Fast Transient/Burst Generator
Manufacturer: Schaffner/Teseq
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Schaffner NSG1025 Fast Transient/Burst Generator
Schaffner NSG1025 Fast Transient/Burst Generator

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  Standards such as the IEC 801-4, DIN/VDE 0843-4 . CENELEC HD 481 .4, etc. call for interference voltage tests to be carried out on instruments and systems using pulse bursts similar to those that occur in practice when electrical equipment is switched on or off, or when it is plugged in or disconnected. Electronic circuits of all types, especially modern digital equipment, are very sensitive to these types of interference pulses.

   The Schaffner NSG1025 Generator simulates such interference sources. The specifications of the pertinent Standards are met and, particularly where precision and reproducibility are concerned, are often exceeded. A new type of solid-state high voltage switch ensures excellent pulse parameter stability and maintenance free continuous operation. The instrument is equally suitable for laboratory and field tests as well as for routine testing for quality assurance purposes. Routine tests are made easier by a selection switch with fixed settings for the pulse parameters in conformity with the test classes contained in IEC 801-4. An additional switch position permits the continuous setting of the test voltage and the free choice of the burst frequency for development work and analytical measurements .

   In addition the Schaffner NSG1025 can generate fast single pulses (5/50 ns transients) which are called for in various test Standards and which are also useful for detailed investigations in development laboratories. Internal and external trigger functions permit the instrument to be flexibly adapted to the various needs. A single-phase mains coupling network is incorporated in the unit which provides the coupling modes called for in IEC 801-4 at the touch of a button besides further coupling modes for special applications . The Schaffner NSG1025 is conveniently equipped with a mains socket as well as universal safety sockets for connecting the test object . The supply to the test object is separately switchable . Coupling clamps or coupling units for tests on data lines or an auxiliary unit for three-phase coupling can be connected via the HV coaxial connector .

Conforms to IEC 801-4; IEC 21-4-4 ,Test voltages up to 4400V, Burst frequencies up to 10KHz, Single pulse capability, Integrated  coupling network. Pulse amplitude: 225V; 4400V (off-load) 


  • Polarity: Pos. or neg. selectable
  • Pulse rise time: 5ns ± 20%
  • Pulse width: 50ns ± 30%
  • Burst frequency f Burst: 2,5/5/10kHz ± 10%
  • Burst duration t Burst: 15ms ± 20%
  • Burst repetition t Rep: 300ms ± 20%
  • Generator impedance: 50ohm ± 20% (dynamic)
  • Coupling network: as per IEC 801-4, built-in
  • Coupling mode: Press-button selection asym, L1 > reference earth; L2 > reference earth; PE > reference earth; L1 + L2 > ref. earth; L1 + L2 + PE > ref. earth
  • Inputs/Outputs:
    * IEC equipment socket for the instrument supply
    * 16A equipment plug for the test object supply
    * Test object connection; country-specific mains socket - UL
    * Gate function for Burst and 50Hz pulse: BNC, active 0
    * Trig, function for single pulse: BNC, active 0, with LED
    * Pulse output: HV coaxial connector
    * Measurement output: BNC, 100:1 into 50 ohm