Schaffner NSG 432 ESD Simulator

Schaffner NSG 432 ESD Simulator
Manufacturer: Schaffner/Teseq
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Schaffner NSG 432 ESD Simulator


Schaffner NSG 432 Electrostatic Discharge Simulation System

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   The Schaffner NSG 432 Static Discharge Simulator simulates ESD and its various properties: magnetic (H) and electric (E) field, current injection, and corona. Simulates ESD to 25kV, both positive and negative polarity, utilizing 300O/150pF networks. Includes all adapters.

Technical Specifications (in conformity with IEC 801-2)

  • Discharge voltage V0: 2 - 25kV
  • Polarity: positive/negative (depending on discharge network)
  • Discharge capacitor Cs: 150 pF ± 10%
  • Discharge resistor Rd: 330 ohms ± 10%
  • Operating modes: single/repetitive discharge
  • Rise time (air discharge): < 1 ns for voltages < 8 kV
  • Rise time (with contact discharge adapter): 0.7 - 1 ns

   For very high voltage discharges, such as might be required to meet military specifications or for special applications, the NSG 432 ESD simulator system from Schaffner can be used to generate electrostatic discharges up to 25kV. The NSG 432 is a compact, hand-held instrument, with a range of high voltage discharge networks for testing to various standards, including IEC 621-4-2.