Sage 923LTS Handheld Automated Loop Test System

Sage 923LTS Handheld Automated Loop Test System
Manufacturer: Sage Instruments
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Sage 923LTS Handheld Automated Loop Test System


Sage 923LTS Handheld Automated Loop Test System

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Comprehensive Local Loop Testing for Voice, Data, Fax and Internet Services

    A whole new concept in Local Loop Testing. The 923LTS Hand-held unit works in conjunction with the Sage Instruments 356E Plus Central Office Responder to form the fastest and most comprehensive Local Loop Test System in the industry. A single technician can profile a Local Loop in less than 1 minute (additional time required for a 2-way Impulse Noise Test).

   Using the 23-Tone testing concept as defined in IEEE Standard 743-1995, the system quickly profiles the transmission characteristics of the local loop. Measurements are compared to a user-defined template and the technician receives a PASS or FAIL indication at the subscriber's site. In addition, the system allows you to enter the circuit number, work order number and the technician's identification.

   The Callback option measures ringing voltage, verifies that the switch translations have been programmed for the correct telephone number and confirms that the station under test is capable of receiving a call. The unit has a programmable phone list for storing frequently called test numbers and also features an optional built-in Butt Set. The unit is capable of storing the last 10 tests. All data is time/date stamped and stored for easy retrieval. An RS-232 port is provided for printing.

   The 923LTS is designed to be connected to the customer network interface (CUST-NI) and automatically performs or measures the following:

  • Loop Voltage
  • Loop Current
  • Call Setup Time
  • Verifies Number Translation (requires callback option)
  • Ringing Voltage (requires callback option)
  • Dial Tone Delay
  • 23-Tone to Measurements:
  • Attenuation Distortion @ 23 Frequencies
  • 2-Wire Group Delay @ 22 Frequencies
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • Signal-to-Total Distortion
  • 2nd & 3rd Order Intermodulation Distortion
  • 3-Tone Slope
  • C-Message Noise (Psophometric Noise - International)
  • C-Notch Noise (P-Notch Noise - International)
  • Noise-to-Ground
  • Absolute Delay
  • 2-Wire Echo Return Loss (ERL, SRH, SRL)
  • Hits: 3-Level Impulse Noise, Timed
  • Phase Hits
  • Gain Hits
  • Dropouts
  • Jitter:
  • Phase Jitter (hi and low)
  • Amplitude Jitter (hi and low)