Sage 375A Dual DS1 Monitor

Sage 375A Dual DS1 Monitor
Manufacturer: Sage Instruments
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Sage 375A Dual DS1 Monitor


Sage 375A Dual DS1 Monitor

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Powered by a external 48 VDC Power Supply. No 115 Volt AC Line Power on  the 375A.

    The Sage Instruments 375A is a DS1 data stream monitor that performs non-intrusive measurements on both directions of a T1 span. Additionally, the 375A can simultaneously monitor two independent DS1 data streams, allowing each DS1 data stream to have its own framing type and line coding. The 375A is designed for use at the DSX bay or similar access point.

   The Sage Instruments 375A incorporates three functional monitors into one package. Each monitor operates independently of the others, yet all share data and remote control information. The lower half of the front panel is the Signaling Bit Monitor. This area provides a quick way to determine the error status of each DS1 line and the activity status of each of the 24 channels. The following functions and connections are found in this area (described from left to right).

  • A pair of parallel input jacks for the number one DS1 data stream.
  • A pair of parallel input jacks for the number two DS1 data stream.
  • A key for DSX Mon and Bridge and two associated LEDs used to select and identify a line termination value across the input jack tip and ring connectors.
  • An LED History mode key and two associated LEDs used to select and identify the latched LED operating mode.

For the number one and number two data streams each

  • Two LEDs that indicate the framing type¿ESF or D4.
  • Two LEDs that indicate the coding¿QRSS or B8ZS.
  • Six LEDs that indicate the error type¿No Sig, No Frm, FE/CRC, BPV, Zeros, or Bit Err. The Zeros LED is labeled ¿>15 0s¿ on some older units.
  • Two LEDs that indicate the alarm type¿RMT Alm or All 1s.
  • A matrix of LEDs (rows A, B, C, D and columns 1 through 24) that indicate the current state of the associated supervision signaling bit with the associated channel number.
  • Line Interface Line Format: DS-1 AMI or B8ZS Line Code Framing Format: D4 Superframe, Extended Superframe, and SLC-96® with automatic selection
  • Input Frequency: 1.544 Mbps ±15 kbps
  • Jitter Tolerance: Meets or exceeds CCITT O.171, PUB 41451, PUB 43801, and PUB 62411-1985.
  • Input Impedances: Terminated: 100 Ohms or Bridged: >21 Ohms; front panel selectable
  • Input Level: 200 mV to 6 V base-to-peak (-24 to +3 dB DSX)
  • Input Connectors: Dual parallel 310-type three-conductor jacks or Optional Rear Panel Access Test Patterns

Signaling Bit Monitor Display Features/LED indicators

  • History and Terminate mode
  • Line and Framing Format
  • Standard Errors and Alarms
  • Signaling bits (A-B-C-D)
  • 8-bit received channel data
  • History Mode: History Mode holds LED status: Front panel selectable.