Rhode & Schwarz EFA DVB-C TV Test Receiver

Rhode & Schwarz EFA DVB-C TV Test Receiver
Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
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Rhode & Schwarz EFA DVB-C TV Test Receiver

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Model 2067.3004.20

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B1 QAM Analyzer/Demod DVB-C / ITU-T J.83/A/C


The Rhode & Schwarz EFA ¿ realtime signal analysis of DVB-C signals

  The EFA's powerful digital signal processing provides fast and thorough analysis of the received DVB-C signal. Analysis is performed simultaneously with, but independently of, demodulation and decoding. The MPEG-2 transport stream is permanently available for decoding as well as for video and audio reproduction. Due to its realtime analysis capability, the high number of measured values necessary for the complex calculation and display processes are made available for subsequent mathematical/statistical processing in an extremely short and as yet unequalled time. Because of its high-speed data acquisition, the TV Test Receiver EFA is the ideal choice, not only for R&D but also for production environments where short measurement cycles are essential.

  • Standard test receiver

  • High-end test receiver

  • High-end demodulator

  • Multistandard digital and analog platform for terrestrial and CATV applications

  • Application areas: production, monitoring, coverage, service, research and development

  • Comprehensive measurement and monitoring functions

  • Modular design ¿ easy retrofitting of options

  • MPEG-2 analyzer/decoder option for SDTV

  • IEC/IEEE-bus and RS-232-C interface

  • Simple, user-friendly operation