Rhode & Schwarz CMD80 Communications Test Set

Rhode & Schwarz CMD80 Communications Test Set
Manufacturer: Tektronix
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Rhode & Schwarz CMD80 Communications Test Set

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With options

  • CMD-B1 OCXO Reference Oscillator
  • CMD-B3 Multi-Reference Frequency In/Out
  • CMD-B14 Rate Set 2 (43K)
  • CMD-B60 Adapter for CMD-B6
  • CMD-61 IEEE 488 Bus Interface
  • CMD-62 Memory Card Interface
  • CMD-B81 AWGN Generator
  • CMD-K1 US Celluar
  • CMD-K2 PCS
Covering any need for test modes
Service and repair of digital mobiles and cordless phones call for a variety of tests, ranging from simple voice loopback test to complete factory-like production tests. The CMD80 range of products offers cost-effective solutions for manual testing, stand-alone autotest, as well as remote RS232 operation solutions covering any testing need. Every CMD80 comes with the same large display and user interface for manual testing of phones and/or modules and RS232 interface for remote operation.

Basestation survey measurements
These are often done on real base stations or by using analog signal generators with power amplifiers. The CMD80 is able to simulate any CDMA, IS-136, AMPS and TACS base station. This feature enables close-to-life conditions without having to use a real BTS.


  • Fast measurement speed
  • High measurement accuracy and repeatability
  • High reliability and quality
  • High flexibility
  • Triple mode (CDMA, TDMA, Analog) dual band (cellular, PCS) in one box
  • Remote control via IEEE488/IEC625 bus
  • Autotest - complete mobile testing at a keystroke
  • Remote control via GPIB or RS232
  • Suitable for production, development and service
  • Very fast remote control operation
  • Excellent price/ performance ratio