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Equipment Rental Frequently Asked Questions


US Instrument Services rents high quality test equipment for every need. This is a short list of the most frequently asked questions about our rental program.


Who can rent electronic test equipment from US?

  We accept all applications and individually review each rental request. Many large well known Fortune 500 companies and government agencies rent from US. Inaddition we work with many small start up companies and individuals with a verifiable credit history. We have helped to launch many startups as well with package deals on required test equipment. 

What is helpful to the process of renting?

  Having a good detailed technical understanding of your application. Even the same model of an instrument can have options and can vary quite a bit in revisions and features. Having a good detailed technical understanding of your application helps eliminate errors and downtime. There are many variables to consider and we are always ready to assist you.

What if I have a long term rental need and may to purchase it?

   Please let US know up front with your possible term and we may be able to work out a customized program to build equity into your rental. 

I would like to buy a brand new piece of test equipment but can not get approval for it. Can I rent to own?

   We have purchased brand new test equipment for long term rentals. Our policy depends on many factors but a longer term rental is required than our standard month to month rental.

I would like to rent something that is not on your website. Is that possible?

   Yes, please contact US. The website is just a small sample of our most common products. We have many items not listed. We will also consider products outside of our normal inventory if the terms are correct.

Do you rent to companies outside of the United States of America?

   We do ship to Canada and Mexico and other countries certain occasions. If we have a long term established relationship we will consider it. 

What is the normal rental term?

   The normal rental term is one month.

Can I rent it for less than one month?

   Our minimum is one month. We do not rent for less than that.

How do I pay for a rental?

   We accept standard purchase orders subject to credit approval. We use Dunn and Bradstreet credit ratings. Based upon your credit score a deposit may be required. Credit cards are also accepted.

How is the rental billed?

    It is billed for one month in advance. If you keep it past the first month it is billed for the next month in advance. If it is returned before the end of the subsequent month a prorated credit is issued.

When does the rental start and stop?

   The rental starts and stops when it leaves and returns to our shipping dock.

Who pays for shipping on the rental?

   The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping. We can prepay and add the freight charges or a customer can use their own Federal Express, UPS or DHL account or any other carrier they prefer.

What shipping options are available?

   We have Priority Overnight, Standard Overnight, 2 Day Air and Ground Shipping options. We have standard pickups from Federal Express, UPS and DHL. In addition the item can be picked up during normal business hours or if arrangements are made for other hours.

I need it in a hurry, how fast can I get it?

   Nearly everything is in stock so we can ship the same day. Our daily order cut off is 2 PM Central time. After 2 PM we may be able to ship if it can be scheduled. If you need it in a hurry having a credit card is faster than using a purchase order. Our normal shipping pickups start at around 4 PM. Certain Instruments may require longer to configure or calibrate so these are only guidelines.

Is the unit calibrated?

   The instrument is verified in our NIST Traceable Calibration Laboratory. If additional hard copy Certificates of Calibration are needed a documentation fee of $75 is added for the Certificate of Calibration.

What are your standard rental terms?


Standard Rental Terms and Agreement


   Customer hereby rents from US Instrument Services the equipment listed on packing slip and as described by customers purchase order and US Instrument Services Invoice. Customer must abide by the following terms and conditions: month to month basis , one month minimum term rental starts the day it leaves US Instrument Services dock and rental is stopped when instrument is returned to US Instrument Services dock. 

   Pro-rated rentals are only available for the next 15 days after the first months rental. All rentals after the 15 day pro-rated period will be billed for the entire months rental. Pro-rated rentals are determined by the monthly rental charge divided by 30 for your daily rate for those rentals that qualify for a pro-rated amount.

All rental fees are due within 30 days of invoice all past due invoices are subject to a past due penalty of 5% of the monthly rental rate.  

Rental Equity : In some cases US Instrument Services will offer a rental credit towards purchase. Typically we will allow upto 50% of your first 2 months paid rental to be applied to purchase of equipment. All rental invoices must be paid in full before any instruments are converted to a purchase. 

Default And Remedies: Upon any default by of any payment obligations or should you file for bankruptcy, reorganization or a similar law US Instrument Services shall demand all rental instruments be returned and all past due invoices paid in full. US Instrument Services shall be entitled to all costs and expenses including legal fees and costs incurred by US Instrument Services in enforcing any of the terms or provisions of this agreement. 

Limited Warranty : Exclusive Remedy : Exclusion of Warranties: The sole and exclusive warranty made by US Instrument Services is the limited warranty that each item shipped to you will be in good operating condition. US Instrument Services will repair or replace all defective equipment when notified by customer. All equipment must be returned in same condition as received. 

Ownership: Personal Property : Use: The equipment or instruments shall remain the property of US Instrument Services and US Instrument Services retains the title thereto. The company renting shall keep the equipment or instruments free from claims ,liens , security interests and encumbrances. The Equipment shall at all times remain personal property , whether or not any equipment shall become affixed to or a part of any real property improvements. Customers shall use equipment at their ship to facility and shall not move or modify equipment unless they have written consent from US Instrument Services. 

Risk of Loss : Care of Equipment :You are responsible for the safekeeping of all equipment and shall bear the risk of any loss of any equipment for any reason, and shall insure each item of equipment against loss or damage for not less than the replacement value of each item and if requested shall provide evidence of such insurance. At US Instrument Services option you shall either replace or pay the replacement cost of any item of equipment which is lost or stolen destroyed or damaged beyond repair.