Reliable Power Meters Ethernet Omega Power Monitor

Reliable Power Meters Ethernet Omega Power Monitor
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Fluke/Reliable Power Meters Ethernet Omega 1650 Power Measurement System


Fluke/Reliable Power Meters Ethernet Omega 1650 Power Measurement System

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This version uses a Ethernet computer interface that does run under Windows XP

 Quite simply the best and most accurate system available. Hooks up to a personal computer to provide incredible amounts of detail. Requires basic computer familiarity. Has report generation capability. Flexible and powerful monitoring. Very popular rental product for those difficult to pinpoint problems. Uses additional current probes for current measurement.

  • 5 Current channels allow you to monitor neutral and ground current in addition to phases
  • Extruded metal enclosure is designed to handle a lifetime of use
  • Ethernet interface makes downloads fast and easy
  • Multi-session option multiplies event capture capability to 96,000 events.
  • Power Recorders are configurable, so you can expand their capabilities to meet your growing needs.
  • Use Report Writer software on your PC to automatically create power quality surveys with text and graphics.
  • Polling and Alarms software allows you to configure and monitor multiple instruments, retrieve data periodically, and set up alarms to notify operators of events.

Every measurement, every event, on every cycle, all the time without thresholds

Full Disclosure Technology is part of all Fluke and RPM three-phase power quality tools. It makes the power recorder a unique, professional instrument that increases your ability to maintain and troubleshoot your plant s power quality. Full Disclosure Technology uses patented sampling hardware and algorithms to record everything your loads see.

  • The sampling system processes every cycle on all channels, recording min/max/avg values and looking for sags, swells, or transients.
  • The system can store 6000 events (up to 96,000 with Multisession Option). You can see everything from subcycle events to long-term outages with clear detail.
  • Records power parameters, rms voltage, rms current, harmonics, flicker and monitors for power quality events on all channels simultaneously without havingto reconfigure.
  • No need to set thresholds. You won t be disappointed by missed events or a memory full of noise.
  • Because there are no thresholds to set, Full Disclosure technology system records any changes in measurements, even the ones that are almost out of tolerance