Ramsey COM3 RF Service Monitor

Ramsey COM3 RF Service Monitor
Manufacturer: Ramsey
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Ramsey COM3 RF Service Monitor


Ramsey COM3 RF Service Monitor

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   The COM3 is used around the world for testing two-way radios, amateur radios and repeater stations, hobby equipment, pagers, and more! It's easier to set up and use than competitive units. It is small and light, weighing under 18 pounds with the battery pack installed (fully portable!). And it's priced for the serious hobbyist, amateur radio operator, or amateur radio repeater owner! Imagine having a full function service monitor, just like the pro's!


  • 100 KHz-1 GHz
  • Covers All Pager and 2-Way Frequencies
  • Built-in Frequency Counter
  • AM & FM Internal/External Modulation
  • Direct Numeric Frequency Entry

Performs the Tests You Do Most

   Measure deviation and frequency error with an easy to read bargraph display. Don't know the frequency? No problem, a built-in frequency counter an determine and display the exact operating frequency and even the CTS tone in seconds! No guessing! Check receivers with the full range RF signal generator that also includes built-in CTS and tone generators!

Direct Access Function Selections

   No fumbling with complex, shifted-key functions or embedded layers of soft keys. The direct entry keys are logically grouped, on a sealed membrane front panel, and directly accessed with a single keystroke.

Wide Frequency Range

   Whether you're working on a 2-Meter, 220 MHz, 440 MHz, 900 MHz, or anywhere in between, the COM3 has you covered...anywhere from 100 KHz to 999.999 MHz, AM or FM.

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency Range: 100 KHz to 999.9995 MHz; Continuous tuning, no decade boundaries
  • Accuracy: ±0.0001% (1.0 ppm) 0-50°C (higher accuracy timebase available)
  • Sensitivity: Less than 5 μV (typically less than 2 μV)
  • FM Deviation: Two ranges-±1.5 KHz, ±7 KHz
  • Carrier Frequency: Two ranges-±1.5 KHz, ±7 KHz
  • RF Output: 0.1 μV to 10 mV in 5 ranges ±2.0 dB
  • FM Modulation: Peak deviation 0-15 KHz;
  • Bandwidth 10 Hz to 10 KHz
  • AM Modulation: Depth 0-99%. Bandwidth 10 Hz to 10 KHz
  • Internal Mod.: Synthesized audio tones 10-21 Hz in 0.1 Hz Steps, plus 1 KHz Sinewave
  • Power Protection: Automatically switches to external jack if reverse power detected
  • Freq. Counter: Two ranges; RF: 10 MHz-999.999 MHz (1 KHz resolution), Audio: 10 Hz-1 KHz (0.1 Hz resolution)
  • Memory: Up to 10 complete front panel set-ups can be stored and recalled on command
  • Controls: Flat, fully sealed, membrane switch panel
  • Display: Bright, 7-digit LED (0.4" tall)
  • Integrated Testing: Battery with recharging system and audio monitoring speaker built-in
  • Connectors: Antenna (supplied), signal generator output, Monitor audio output (Scope), modulation (in and out), digital pager input/demod output, external (safety) load
  • Dimensions: 12"w x 5.5"h x 16"d
  • Weight: Less than 18 lbs. (including built-in battery pack)