Racal 6303 C-AIME cdmaOne Base Station Emulator

Racal 6303 C-AIME cdmaOne Base Station Emulator
Manufacturer: Racal
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Racal 6303 C-AIME cdmaOne Base Station Emulator


Racal 6303 C-AIME cdmaOne Base Station Emulator

 Available for rental at $21 a month

  Racal Instruments C-AIME, the world's first CDMA air interface protocol test system, provides the industry's most cost-effective method of emulating all network conditions in a controlled environment. Designed for cdmaOne radio communications manufacturers and network operators, the C-AIME (cdmaOne-air interface monitor/emulator) protocol test system ensures full compliance for the supplementary services that will provide the vital competitive edge in the future. Ideal for software R&D applications, the C-AIME system offers manufacturers and operators regression, conformance and CDG-22 stage 2 interoperability testing of cdmaOne mobiles. In addition, layer 2 and 3 logging and IS95B protocol testing, including handoff and power control testing, are provided.

   Easy to use, Racal's C-AIME protocol test system consists of a controlling PC and Windows-based user interface with one or more 6303 cdmaOne base station emulators. The system acts as a script driven cdmaOne network emulator with built-in logging of all signalling procedures. Where one or more base stations are needed for test scenarios requiring network emulation, multiple 6303s may be used operating synchronously or free running.

Forward CDMA Channels

    In each 6303 the Forward Code Channels can be combined onto one or two Forward CDMA Channels. These Forward CDMA Channels are on the same programmable frequency, but the user can program the other properties of these Channels independently including:

  • PN offset
  • Total Channel Output power
  • Individual code channel relative powers
  • Walsh Code of individual Code Channels
  • Propagation delay

   In addition to these two Forward CDMA Channels, each 6303 can also transmit another simplified Forward CDMA Channel that contains just a pilot and a random (non-OCNS) noise source. This noise source is not Gaussian, but it is ideal for generating a repeatable and accurately controllable level of noise for mobile testing where fading is not needed, for example in Pilot Pollution investigations.

Reverse CDMA Channel

   Each 6303 supports the reception of one Reverse CDMA Channel which can be:

  • Access Channel or
  • Reverse Traffic Channel consisting of a Fundamental
  • Code Channel and up to 7 Supplemental Code Channels

Handoff Capability

   A single 6303 Base Station Emulator can therefore support 2-way Soft Handoff, and Hard Handoff to the same frequency, on any call type including medium speed data (MDR) calls with up to 7 Supplemental Code Channels.