Racal 6113 Digital Radio Test Set

Racal 6113 Digital Radio Test Set
Manufacturer: Racal
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Racal 6113  Digital Radio Test Set

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software options

003 PCS1900
270 Nokia Measurements
300 AIME
hardware options

04E Frequency Standard
A-BIS  Half Rate /32K Signaling
051 A-BIS T1 Interface

Racal's 6113 has become the "industry standard" for base station test equipment over the past decade. To date Racal Instruments has delivered over 2000 units to customers around the world. Racal Instruments' customer list includes every major GSM infrastructure vendor and every major GSM Mobile phone service provider in the world.

The 6113 uses a multi-standard platform design. It is a compact, highly portable test solution incorporating three testing capabilities. It is able to simulate a mobile's transmitter to test the base station's receiver capability; it can also measure the base station's transmissions and verify the network command structures, which control the base station.

Unlike current test systems that require the base station to be connected to the network, the model 6113 simulates the network so testing can be carried out without base station connection. This is a huge benefit; as with Racal's GSM solution, base stations will be fully tested prior to them entering service, ensuring the smooth and reliable rollout of an EDGE network.

With an international network of offices spanning the UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy, India, PRC, Hong Kong and Korea, backed up by sales and support representatives in over 80 countries, Racal Instruments has established vital strategic advantage in the design and manufacture of test and measurement equipment.

Racal Instruments' Wireless Solutions Group's offerings cater for parametric and protocol testing of mobiles, base stations and networks in design, installation and repair. The company's portable and dedicated wireless communications test systems cover 3G UMTS, CDMA2000, GSM, GPRS/EDGE and TD-SCDMA.

A 3G UMTS evolution of the 6113 is poised to become the base station tester of choice for 3G operators when installation momentum increases.