Photo Research PR-650 SpectraColorimeter

Photo Research PR-650 SpectraColorimeter
Manufacturer: Photo Research
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Photo Research PR-650 SpectraColorimeter


Photo Research PR-650 SpectraColorimeter

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The PR-650 SpectraColorimeter is the latest in the Photo Research family of SpectraScan fast scanning instruments. It's the only truly portable, spectrally-based luminance telephotometer/colorimeter. Complete, NIST-traceable photometric and colorimetric measurements are performed spectroradiometrically. And, this hand-held portable overcomes the spectral errors inherent in filter instruments.

  Ease of use

The PR-650 is as easy to use as point-and-shoot. The world famous Pritchard® optics make target alignment as easy as aim/focus/shoot. When you are ready to make a measurement, simply press the measure button. The results are displayed on the backlit 4 x 20 character LCD display.

  Spectral Accuracy

Unlike other instruments in its price range, the PR-650 measures optical radiation spectrally instead of relying on filter technology. To accurately deliver important measurement results such as luminance and chromaticity - the PR-650 determines these parameters by measuring the absolute intensity at each wavelength, then calculating the appropriate CIE value. So, regardless of the source, the result is accuracy time after time after time.


The built-in AutoSync® feature takes the worry out of accurately measuring high intensity refreshing sources such as CRT's by adjusting the exposure time to the source refresh rate - and simultaneously reports the refresh rate of the source.

Spectral Range

    • 380 - 780 nm

Spectral Bandwidth

    • 8 nm

Spectral Accuracy

    • ± 2 nm

Wavelength Resolution

    • 3.5 nm / pixel

Luminance Accuracy

    • ± 2% of calculated luminance at 2856K @ 23° C

Color Accuracy when Measuring Illuminant A

    • ±.0015 CIE 1931 x, ± .001 CIE 1931 y (.006 CIE 1931 x, y for CRT's typical)

Digital Resolution

    • 14 bit (1 part in 16,000)

AutoSync Range

    • 40 - 250 Hz

Measuring and Viewing Field

    • 1° (measuring) and 7° (viewing) with MS- 75 lens at infinity focus


    • Rechargeable NiCad. Recharge rate - 1.5 hrs. from full discharge with CD-650


    • RS-232, IEEE-488 (optional)

Operating Temperature

    • 34° to 95° F (1° to 35° C)

Operating Humidity

    • =90% non-condensing


    • (approx. including MS-75 lens) 12" (305 mm)L x 7"(178 mm)W x 3" (76 mm) H


  • (approx.) 4 lbs. 12 oz. (2.15 kg.) with MS-75 lens and battery