ODM VIS 300C Automated Video Inspection System

ODM VIS 300C Automated Video Inspection System
Manufacturer: ODM Inc.
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ODM VIS 300C Automated Video Inspection System


ODM VIS 300C Automated Video Inspection System

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The VIS 300C provides test technicians and contractors with the simplest system for field inspection and qualification of fiber optic end-faces. The bright 5-inch multi-touch display and precision optics provide an unparalleled FOV (field of view) of 860um by 440um. The high magnification and wide viewing area help ensure that fiber endfaces are completely clean, even in areas beyond the IEC-specified endface zones.

This unit features robust automated analysis software controlled entirely through a user-friendly touchscreen interface. Users can simply view endface images for a quick verification or use the automatic analysis to provide a PASS/FAIL result according to IEC 61300-3-35 parameters. The 6000-image storage capacity ensures that all results can be saved or reported.

The onboard software not provides PASS/FAIL analysis, but also informs the user when a fiber endface is improperly focused for analysis. Proper focus is essential to automated analysis algorithms, as unfocused images can lead to false positive results. The VIS 300C will always inform the technician if a better focus level can be achieved.

Optional add-ons for the VIS 300C include an onboard power meter and/ or VFL for complete verification of fiber optic networks.

The VIS 300 comes with two user-selected adapter tips. Optional tips for most commonly used connectors are available. The VIS 300 monitor is supplied in a padded nylon case. Both the probe and monitor are transported in a hard carry case with the charger, extra tips, and cleaning aids.


  • FOV (Field of View) / 860um x 640um
  • Resolution / > micron
  • Lighting Technique / Coaxial
  • Screen / 5" Multi-touch
  • Image Storage / 6000 images
  • Battery Life / 6-8 hours continuous
  • Battery Charge Time / 3 hr
  • Size / Probe 7" x 1" x .75" / Monitor: 4.75" x 3.5" x 1.25"
  • Weight / 1.2lb (0.54kg)
  • Operating Temp. / 0 to 50 C
  • Storage Temp. / -40 to 70 C

Key Features

  • 5-inch touch display
  • Automated image centering and analysis to IEC 61300-3-35
  • Use for field-viewing or save images to internal memory
  • 860um x 640um field of view (FOV)
  • Optional onboard power meter and/or VFL
  • Auto PASS/FAIL for images and power meter readings
  • Create closeout reports with inSpec TM