ODM VF 610 Visual Fault Locator

ODM VF 610 Visual Fault Locator
Manufacturer: ODM Inc.
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ODM VF 610 Visual Fault Locator


ODM VF 610 Visual Fault Locator

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The VF 610 is a high output visible laser designed to locate and identify faults in fiber optic cables, jumpers, patch panels, and other cable splice areas. The visual fault locator may be used within the OTDR dead zone to identify breaks and faults in the fiber. The VF610 allows for fiber continuity on multimode or singlemode fiber up to distances of 5 km.

This compact instrument includes a 2Hz modulation feature to enhance the identification of problem areas. A 3V CR2 lithium battery providing over 21 operations provides power to the unit. A rugged 2.5mm universal adapter interface allows the unit to mate to standard 2.5mm ferrules (SC, ST, FC connectors) and an additional accessory modifies the interface to accept 1.25mm ferrules.


  • Wavelength / 635nm
  • Output Power / 635nm laser 1mW - FDA 2/IEC 2
  • Power On / ON/OFF Power Button
  • Battery / 21 Operations - 3.0V CR2
  • Low Battery / Indicated by LED
  • Modulation / 2 Hz
  • Operating Temperature / -10 to 55 C
  • Storage Temperature / -30 to 70 C
  • Weight / 3.0 oz (85g)
  • Dimensions / 6.1x.94x.75 in. (15.5x2.38x1.90cm)

Key Features

  • High output - up to 1 mW visible 635nm red laser
  • 2.5mm univeral output connector (SC, ST, or FC)
  • Compact pocket size
  • Rugged custom design for field or laboratory
  • 2 Hz or Continuous Wave modes of operation