ODM LFI 110 Live Fiber Identifier Accessory
Manufacturer: ODM Inc.
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Live Fiber Identifier Accessory

  • FTTx active OLT or ONT detection
  • Snaps directly on to RP 4XX power meters
  • Allows non-invasive testing of active fibers

Key Features

  • Accepts 900um, 2mm, and 3mm jacketed SMF-28 and BIF
  • Detects 2kHz tone from laser signal generator: DLS 355
  • Allows in-service testing on single mode networks
  • Non-invasive testing - will not place active channel in alarm condition


Product Description

The LFI 110 Live Fiber Identifier Accessory is a rugged accessory tool that is designed to fit onto the RP 4XX series optical power meters. This useful device allows the detection of active channels or 2kHz tones on any singlemode network. The LFI 110 is designed to accommodate 900 micron, 2mm or 3mm jacketed fibers. The accessory simply snaps on to any RP 4XX unit, increasing the functionality of the power meter to include live fiber identification.

Measurements displayed on the RP 4XX power meter will have direct correlation to the actual core power with measurement repeatability of +/-2dB. No longer is it necessary to purchase a stand-alone fiber identifier for active channel identification.The LFI 110 allows the technician to identify available fibers in the F2 portion of the FTTx network without the disruption of existing subscribers. The LFI/RP 4XX combination also allows tone detection when used with compatible ODM laser sources.