Tektronix TDS2014 100 MHz 4 Channel Oscilloscope New

Tektronix TDS2014 100 MHz 4 Channel Oscilloscope New
Manufacturer: Tektronix
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New Tektronix TDS2014 100 MHz 4 Channel Oscilloscope


Tektronix TDS2014 100 MHz 4 Channel  Oscilloscope New

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   The four-channel color Tektronix TDS2014 digital storage oscilloscope provides accurate real-time acquisition up to its full 100-MHz bandwidth and 1 GS/s maximum sample rate. This ultra lightweight package delivers an unbeatable combination of superior digital performance, unmatched ease of use and affordability. Advanced triggering types include pulse width, line-selectable video triggering with 11 standard automatic measurements and edge (rising and falling). The Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) math function allows the user to analyze, characterize and troubleshoot circuits by viewing frequency and signal strength.

   Dual time base DSO applications include service and repair, education and training, manufacturing testing and quality control plus design and debugging. The TDS2014 has waveform and setup memories. Acquisition modes include peak detect for high-frequency and random glitch captures as narrow as 12 ns typical using acquisition hardware at all time/div settings from 5 µs/div to 50 s/div. Use sample mode to sample data only. With average, waveform is averaged and selectable (4, 16, 64 and 128). Use the single sequence button to capture one triggered acquisition sequence at a time. Nonvolatile storage for waveform display is two 2500-point reference waveforms. Storage is four 2500-point waveforms for this four-channel version.

   A simple user interface makes this instrument easy to use, reducing learning time and increasing efficiency. Classic, analog-style controls provide instant, front-panel access to the most used functions. Autoset detects sine waves, square waves and video signals. It provides readouts of relevant measurements. This function lets the user select additional views of the signal such as rising and falling edges, video lines and fields plus FFT. Probe check wizard ensures correct probe usage. It sets the attenuation factor and compensates the probe. A context-sensitive help menu with indexed and hyper-linked topics lets the user learn selectively about the operation of any oscilloscope function.

  • 100 MHz Bandwidth
  • Sample Rates up to 2 GS/s
  • 4 Channels
  • Color or Monochrome LCD Display
  • CompactFlash Mass Storage Option with TDS2MEM Module
  • Autoset Menu with Waveform Selection
  • Probe Check Wizard To Ensure Correct Probe Usage
  • Context-sensitive Help
  • Dual Time Base
  • Advanced Triggers, including Pulse Width Trigger and Line-Selectable Video Trigger
  • 11 Automatic Measurements
  • Multi-language User Interface
  • Waveform and Setup Memories
  • FFT Standard on All Models