Reed K4030 Stroboscope New

Reed K4030 Stroboscope New
Manufacturer: Reed
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New Reed K4030 Stroboscope
Reed K4030 Stroboscope New

Freeze the motion and measure the speed of a rotating object, without contact!

   The Reed K4030 is ideal for quality control, motion analysis, maintenance procedures, production line checks, examination and speed measurement of motor rotors under various loads, gear movement and engagement, cams, propellers, fan blades, centrifuges, spindles, turbines and other machinery exhibiting repetitive motion.


  • Push button selector for fpm (phase shift) in degrees or delay time in ms
  • Double or divide in half the flashing & display rate with just one activation
  • Fast Finder button quickly approximates desired rate
  • Coarse & Fine adjustment buttons to synchronize flash
  • Select high or low rpm resolution
  • Push buttons increase or decrease phase shift by one degree from -360° to +360° or equivalent ms
  • Duty cycles from 10 minutes to 2 hours depending on rpm range