Megger DET3/2 Hand-Cranked Digital 3 and 4 Pole Earth Tester New

Megger DET3/2 Hand-Cranked Digital 3 and 4 Pole Earth Tester New
Manufacturer: Megger
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New Megger DET3/2 Hand-cranked Digital 3 and 4 pole Earth Tester


Megger DET3/2 Hand-Cranked Digital 3 and 4 Pole Earth Tester New

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   The MEGGER DET3/2 Digital Earth Tester is a compact instrument designed to measure earth electrode resistance and soil resistivity. The instrument uses the four-terminal method of measurement, in which the resistance of the current circuit does not affect the reading. The instrument circuit has been designed so the resistance of the potential circuit also does not affect the measurement. Pressing a latchable button converts the instrument from its four-terminal measurement mode to a three-terminal one. The reversing d.c. test current has a frequency of 128 Hz, which avoids possible interference from other 50 and 60 Hz stray currents in the vicinity of the earth electrode under test. In the interests of safety, the maximum test voltage has been limited to 50 V.

   There are four measuring ranges (20 and 200 ohm and 2 and 20 kohm) selected by a rotary switch that incorporates an OFF position. The instrument is simple to use and there is no test button to hold down. The readings are displayed quickly, directly and accurately on the 31/2-digit L.C.D. Annunciators on the display indicate if Noise interference in the soil passing the test current is excessive or:

  • Current test spike resistance is too high
  • Potential test spike resistance is too high
  • Generator is being cranked too slowly

   The potential spike resistance is checked by pressing a separate button. The direct indication of these factors speeds the testing procedure and gives assurance of valid measurements. The low service error and the wide operating temperature range enable accurate results to be achieved in real on-site conditions. Powered by an easy-to-turn, hand-cranked generator, the DET3/2 instrument power is always available and very convenient for work in remote locations. Each instrument is built into a small, lightweight, yet robust plastic case with a fold-down carrying handle. Four recessed terminals, marked C1, P1, P2 and C2, are mounted at the top of the case. Right-angled terminal connectors are supplied, enabling test leads with spade, hook or 4 mm plug connectors to be used.

   The DET3/2 Digital Earth Tester is a reliable instrument able to measure the earth resistance of both simple and complex electrode systems. They may be used to test in accordance with BS 7430 (1991), BS7671, the IEE wiring regulations, NFC15-100, IEC364 and German specification VDE 0413 Part 7 (1982). The instrument is suitable for soil resistivity measurements, which are used to establish the optimum earth electrode system design and location, to avoid expensive reworking of electrical installations. It is also suitable for performing archeological and geological investigations.


  • Three- or four-terminal measurement selected by a switch
  • 50 volt maximum output voltage for safety and convenience
  • Direct-reading 3 1/2-digit L.C.D.
  • Four ranges covering measurements from 0.01 Ω to 19.99 kΩ