Madell QK857D Hot Air Rework Station New

Madell QK857D Hot Air Rework Station New
Manufacturer: Madell
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New Madell QK857D Hot Air Rework Station


Madell QK857D Hot Air Rework Station New

   Protection for plastic parts or PCB boards. Components like buzzers and IC sockets will not be easily burnt; PCBs will not bubble;

  • Air volume linearly adjustable. It remains stable even when supply voltage varies. Double vortex blower; Rotating and soft hot air.
  • Rapid heating. It takes only 3 seconds to reach the set temperature; LED display. Intelligent inducting; Automatic cooling and deferred off.


  • Closed loop sensor feedback, temperature is controlled by zero voltage triggering mode and is not affected by air volume.
  • Powerful, rapid heating up, accurate and stable.
  • Wide range of hot air volume adjustment.
  • Electromagnetic inductor switch inside the handle starts the hot air when the handle is picked up. The rework station is set to an idle mode when the handle is placed back to the holder.
  • Increased heating element life and safety with built in automatic cooling feature.
  • Compact design, occupy less space.


  • Suitable for soldering and desoldering various SMD components, such as SOIC, QFP, PLCC, BGA chips.
  • Can also be used for heat shrinkage, paint and sticker removal, preheating, sterilizing, glue connecting etc